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Explore the lesser-known side of Paris

Paris has long been one of Europe’s most attractive tourist destinations, but the less well-known aspects of the city, from its South-East Asian food scene to its experimental Brutalist architecture, mean the capital continues to bring in tourist from around the world

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Top 5 national parks

From the 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillars in China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park to the volcanic landscape of Göreme National Park in Turkey, Business Destinations counts the world’s five most spectacular national parks

The irreparable damage caused by underfunding the arts

When a fire destroyed Brazil’s oldest historical institution in 2018, the loss was felt around the world. This preventable tragedy underscored the global issue of underfunding cultural organisations

Top 5 art galleries in Europe

From medieval triptychs right through to the pop art of the 20th century, every era-defining artistic movement can be found in the bustling art galleries of Europe

Brunei boycott gathers pace

Campaigners across the globe are protesting a harsh new law brought in by Brunei that introduces the death penalty for gay sex

Top 5 personal finance tips for expats in the UAE

The UAE has one of the best career packages in the world for expats. Before making the move, here are some key considerations when it comes to personal finance

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Guyana appeals to North American tourists

Despite its many wonders, Guyana is not as well known as its larger South American neighbours. But efforts to market the country to North American tourists mean that visitor numbers are set to rise

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Top 6 hotels built into the landscape

Business Destinations explores six hotels that don’t interrupt the landscape but integrate with it, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquillity of nature’s architecture

Business events to attend in spring 2019

This spring, Challenges of Europe will head to Croatia, while San Francisco welcomes the very best minds in the fintech sector

The Cuban thaw goes cold

The US’ reversal of the Cuban thaw was denounced as a step backwards for the pair’s frosty relationship. While it may have allowed the island nation to retain its character, it has also hugely restrained the Cuban economy

Ecuador must act sustainably as it exploits mineral reserves

The Ecuadoran Government has grand plans for its mining industry, hoping to make the most of the country’s rich natural resources. In order to do so sustainably, it will need to consider the rights of its indigenous communities

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More than sea-mantics: the legal status of the Caspian Sea

For decades, the question of how to delimit the Caspian Sea among its five surrounding states has proven unanswerable. Last year’s landmark convention provided a breakthrough that may deliver commercial and security benefits

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