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Food & Drink

Why street food needs saving

As Thai authorities seek to ban food vendors from Bangkok’s streets, gourmands around the world are fighting to preserve traditional roadside cuisine

How the Californian wine industry is benefitting from an influx of Chinese investors

Better wine and a new approach to tourism are putting southern California’s vineyards on the map for both wine lovers and a new wave of Chinese tourists

Chinese cuisine takes centre stage across the world

For centuries, the influence of China has been felt across the globe. But the Asian superpower’s growing authority doesn’t only affect the economy: China’s impressive presence is also having an impact on culinary habits

BrewDog: the beer company that’s going from strength to strength

BrewDog, the UK’s leading craft beer producer, is to introduce its own brand of “aggressive irreverence” to US consumers as it seeks a place in what remains a hyper competitive market

Social dining: making local contacts over supper

App-led supper clubs offer something new for business travellers hungry for cultural enlightenment. We sent our reporter to put it to the test

Five of the best countries for vegetarians

As vegetarianism grows globally, corporate travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to countries that cater for the diet. We count down five of the best destinations to head to for a meat-free meal

Mexican mezcal is making waves

As export opportunities improve and bars begin to stock up, savvy consumers in the US and Europe can’t get enough of mezcal

Gin: what’s got us hooked?

Rachael Healy looks at the history of the gin industry, from its beginnings in the eighteenth century to its recent popularity

Confit or not to be? France’s fight against fake food

French restaurateurs are up in arms about kitchens churning out sub-par meals. Legislators are keen to enforce transparency, but Rita Lobo finds some chefs are happy to hide their ingredients’ origin

Fish tricks in Tsukiji

Tokyo’s Tsukiji seafood market is the largest in the world, an impressive spectacle that draws in business and tourism alike

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Cash cats boost café business

Forget cash cows, café-owners in Asia have found a unique way to benefit from urban overcrowding

Line of duty

Duty free shopping is a pleasure of travelling and International Duty Free Shops, operating in Morocco’s main airports, offers the best prices and customer experience, making the company our Best Airport Tax Free Shopping Service Provider, 2012