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Food & Drink

Food for thought

It’s seen a famous face or two in its 139-year history, and today the expert chefs at the Criterion Restaurant are still using tried and tested methods to wow a new generation of diners

The toast of Christmas present

More than 230 years since the first drop of Jameson was savoured, find out how the master distiller is still spreading festive cheer


Thirsty work

A true expert in the field of beer making, the Czech Republic is world-renowned for its fine beverages- some produced by the major breweries, others hailing from the increasing number of micro breweries that lend the beer landscape an independent edge. By Emma Holmqvist

The reign of Spain

With its numerous wine producing regions and ideal climate, Spain is asserting itself as a major player amongst European vineyards


Like father, like son

Wondering what to give as a Father’s Day present? Jameson, as you are about to discover, makes a particularly apt choice

Liquid gold

There’s nothing like a wee dram of Scotland’s premier export to blow away the cobwebs. We sampled eight of the finest…

A quick guide to sushi

An edible Japanese art form synonymous with high-end cuisine, but the origins of sushi can be traced back to far more modest and ancient beginnings


Single-minded excellence

John Jameson was pretty single-minded about quality, so it’s no surprise he actually set up a single distillery to make his whiskey. This means that everything from selection of grain and cask, to triple distillation and maturation takes place under one roof

Beyond Bordeaux

What does it take to create a successful wine estate in one of the most competitive regions in the world? Jane Anson investigates

Grape expectations

Croatian wines have a long history – but one disrupted by turmoil, war and reconstruction

Australian reds

Jane Anson introduces us to her pick of the Australian ‘terroir-led’ wines


Eat like an Alexandrian

Once a beacon of the ancient world, Alexandria today is a lively modern city whose treasures are to be found in its markets, cafés and cooking pots. Henry Dimbleby finds the city’s colourful past reflected in its cuisine