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Travel Management

Cities facing overtourism must tackle the issue with care

Although many places rely on tourism for their economic survival, some cities are finding that better management of tourist numbers is required to quell local disillusionment

Flying the Omani flag

By committing to a rigorous expansion programme, Oman Air is on track to become one of the leading airlines in the Middle East region

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The return of supersonic travel

Supersonic flight is fast approaching a comeback, but restrictive noise regulations are standing in the way of a truly global service

Taking the risk out of travel

Lloyd Figgins is a leading international risk expert who has survived some of the most dangerous situations the world has to offer. With a wealth of real-life experience, Figgins has now dedicated himself to making travel safer for all

Avios takes Agoda under its wing

Avios has partnered with leading accommodation site Agoda to allow customers to earn air miles through Agoda’s PointsMAX programmes

Online reviews are changing the nature of travel

Online reviews have the power to make or break a business, with customers now trusting the word of their peers above all else when making purchases

How ISA plug and play software makes business travel possible

Nader A Shukralla, CEO of Information Systems Associates, explains how ISA’s latest technology improves efficiency, customer care, and profitability, for travel businesses

Eccelsa Aviation provides first-rate services for discerning travellers

Unique in the Mediterranean for its vast array of facilities, Eccelsa Aviation caters exclusively for discerning clients with its offering of private jet services

Airlines are more reliant on information technology than ever

Advances in passenger service systems mean airlines are increasingly connected, with consumers more integral to the development process than ever before

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TriFan 600 looks set to revolutionise air travel

Combining the agility of a helicopter with the speed of a private jet, the TriFan 600 is set to outdo both, so long as it can secure the funding it needs to get off the ground

Travellers become experts in exploiting frequent flier programmes

US airlines’ introduction of frequent flier programmes in the 1980s inadvertently created a community of people dedicated to cashing in on the rewards

Ape appeal: Tourists flock to see Rwanda’s mountain gorillas

Drawn to the world’s largest population of mountain gorillas, the swathes of tourists that have descended on Rwanda in recent years have contributed to the resurrection of its economy