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Planes must remain the last bastions of the digital detox

With the ubiquity of smartphones and free Wi-Fi, business travellers are expected to stay connected at all times. Planes are one of the few places where we are still able to unplug

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Turkey faces turbulence with airport project

Turkey wants its new Istanbul Airport to become the largest in the world. But despite promising projections, the mega-project appears to lack substance

Limo Plus puts clients on the road to success

With business and private travellers busier than ever, a reliable and personalised luxury chauffeur service can be the difference between a successful business trip and one that falls short

Blockchain is set to revolutionise the way we travel

Ripe for disruption by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the travel industry is on the cusp of real change

Eccelsa Aviation is the gateway to the Costa Smeralda

The legendary Costa Smeralda in Sardinia is well known as a destination of choice for the super-rich. With the convenient location of Eccelsa Aviation’s private terminal at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, rest and relaxation is just minutes away

Oman Air offers new routes and an expanded fleet

As its flight paths and fleet expand, so does Oman Air’s command of the Middle Eastern aviation industry

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Top 5 most sustainable hotels in the world

In a world where there’s an increased focus on the impact we have on our planet, more and more in the travel industry have taken it upon themselves to work towards green initiatives

Top 5 travel tech developments

From check-in to jet lag, travelling can be a hassle. These technological developments help tackle the tough parts so you’re at your best when on a trip

Cities facing overtourism must tackle the issue with care

Although many places rely on tourism for their economic survival, some cities are finding that better management of tourist numbers is required to quell local disillusionment

Eccelsa Aviation is the entry point for luxury travel

Eccelsa Aviation’s terminal at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport gives discerning travellers a comfortable and seamless experience when flying

Flying the Omani flag

By committing to a rigorous expansion programme, Oman Air is on track to become one of the leading airlines in the Middle East region

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Flights in and out of Doha suspended as political tensions keep Qatar grounded

As the diplomatic row between Qatar and other Arab countries intensifies, a significant number of flights in and out of Doha have been cancelled