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Madrid : The Premier Business Event City

Where work meets play, Madrid is the city that has everything your business might need.

The world’s most walkable cities

‘Walkability’ doesn’t just refer to how easy it is to get around a city – it also considers which locations are most vibrant and full of life

Hunting tourism is making a killing

Hunting tourism may be a deeply controversial topic, but for conservationists in Namibia, the lucrative industry is vital for the development of local communities

Murano’s merchants of Venice

Venice has a history of glassmaking that dates back to the 13th century, but its future now looks shaky. However, efforts are being made to preserve the tradition

The art effect

While often underestimated, the power that public art holds to transform our connection to a space makes it uniquely valuable

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What 2017 holds for travel

Travel continues to be one of the fastest developing sectors in the world. Laura French takes a look at what trends we could witness in the coming year

Mongolia’s digital detox

Mongolia is slowly going online, yet tourists are still choosing to unplug in the world’s most sparsely populated country

Dual citizenship is a matter of global openness, not divided loyalty

It can be a thorny issue for some governments, but dual citizenship remains the best way for modern humans to embrace being citizens of the world

Formula E’s power play

An all-electric motorsport series has done what Formula 1 couldn’t and brought open-wheel racing to the heart of the world’s major cities

Singapore: the living city

In the midst of urbanisation and rapid population growth, Singapore has made sustainable development a priority. Thanks to the nation’s commitment to green initiatives, nature now thrives among its skyscrapers

Why Iceland’s natural energy makes it an ideal conference location

Offering a spectacular programme of outdoor activities amid stunning natural sites, the Icelandic capital is ideally suited for corporate events – and with a location between Europe and North America, it’s closer than many people think

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Solving the US National Park Service’s funding crisis

Record visitation numbers are not enough to save the US National Park Service from a multibillion-dollar funding crisis