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The 10 best environmentally friendly festivals

Music lovers everywhere can enjoy their favourite music with a clear conscience at these 10 eco-friendly festivals

Top five UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Whether it’s the deep blue of volcanic lakes or the ornate design of centuries-old temples, something about each of these five World Heritage Sites distinguishes them from the hundreds listed by UNESCO

Top 10 Central American sights

Central America has an abundance of natural and historical wonders, making it an unforgettable place to visit

Sightseeing in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s capital city serves up culture, history and Balkan comfort food

Tourists are turning to the ocean’s depths for adventure

Forget space tourism – deep sea tourism is emerging as the more stylish way to venture into the unknown

Clear skies are bringing stargazers to Chile’s deserts

A growing interest in the stars is causing a boom in Chile’s budding astrotourism sector. In light of this galactic trend, Business Destinations explores the wonders the night sky has to offer

China’s efforts to regain position as luxury goods leader

A revival of craftsmanship in China is opening the door for a Chinese-made luxury industry

The challenges of repatriation

French President Emmanuel Macron recently pledged to return the 4,000 or so African artefacts currently held in French museums to their countries of origin. But cultural repatriation is easier said than done

How geothermal energy is powering tourism in Iceland

Hellisheiði Power Plant in Iceland serves as a window for the world to see how geothermal energy is being harnessed to power a modern economy

Mexico’s industrial hub expands its tourism sector

The city of León holds a significant place in Mexico’s history. Today, its importance to the country is economic as well as historical

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Montserrat: the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle

Montserrat boasts a colourful history and many unique attractions. The island’s lush green scenery, spectacular coastal vistas and friendly residents will make you want to visit again and again

Bygone grandeur is revived at Selman Marrakech

Selman Marrakech invites guests to indulge in true Moroccan luxury, while also giving them a rare glimpse into a historically significant equestrian world