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Bringing authenticity to Mexico’s tourism industry

An eco-conscious resort at the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula, Hotel Xcaret Mexico celebrates the country’s natural, historical and cultural treasures to bring visitors an authentic experience

Mexico’s industrial hub expands its tourism sector

The city of León holds a significant place in Mexico’s history. Today, its importance to the country is economic as well as historical

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Cancun, Mexico

More businesses are turning to Mexico for their MICE activities, giving rise to the country’s luxury hotel industry. At the heart of this rapid expansion are the star offerings of Palace Resorts

León, Mexico

León has a long tradition of shoemaking, but has now made its mark on the business tourism sector. Having found its feet in the industry, León is a destination of choice

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Aguascalientes brings the magic to tourism in Mexico

Benefitting from a privileged location at the geographic heart of Mexico, the state of Aguascalientes guarantees each visitor a truly unique experience

Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexican capital should not be overlooked based on an out of date reputation. Its buzzing cosmopolitan atmosphere, environmental commitments and rich culture will not fail to charm

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Mexican mezcal is making waves

As export opportunities improve and bars begin to stock up, savvy consumers in the US and Europe can’t get enough of mezcal

Taxback: Mexico’s tempting tax refund programme

A host of ecological and cultural attractions already make Mexico a desirable destination, but taxback on your holiday shopping sweetens the deal

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How to conduct business in Mexico

This year sees Mexico taking lead of the G20, a move that will no doubt put it under the economic spotlight. But what are the merits of doing business south of the border? By James Essinger


Business in Cancun

Famed for its glorious sandy beaches and stunning wildlife – Business Destinations took a trip to Cancun to see some of the world’s finest tourism infrastructure

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Following the inception of agriculture around 7,000 BC, Mexico was home to an array of successful civilisations, including the Olmec, Aztec, Zapotec and the Maya. The great temple at Chitchen Itza, the most impressive legacy of the latter people, is a wonder to rival sites like Macchu Picchu, Petra or the Pyramids at Giza. As […]


Mexico City

The great Aztec City of Tenochtitlan once stood on this antiquated lake bed, but after suffering widespread destruction during a 16th century Spanish siege it was rebuilt according to colonial standards. The name Mexico City became official in 1585 and it has served as the national administrative, economic and cultural capital ever since. A kaleidoscopic […]