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Business Management

Paris is undergoing a small business revolution

Not content with its ‘City of Light’ moniker, Paris is establishing itself as a start-up superpower. President Macron’s pro-business stance is easing the transition

The hidden costs of unmanaged business travel

With business becoming increasingly global, more employees are travelling for work. However, without proper management, these trips can be time-consuming and expensive

Backpacker tourism: Australia’s wandering workforce

Thousands of Millennials take a backpacking pilgrimage to Australia every year, a trend that is greatly benefiting the country’s agricultural industry

Data roaming charges must get out of the way of international business

Data roaming doesn’t have to ground global business travel, writes Vodafone Global Enterprise CEO, Jan Geldmacher


Piarco AeroPark: the Caribbean’s first aerotropolis

Business opportunities are set to take off at the Piarco AeroPark, as Trinidad and Tobago launches the Caribbean’s first airport city

The gifts and curses of black gold

Home to some of the world’s largest oil reserves, Alberta has seen huge economic benefits from an expanding energy sector. Michal Zuk examines how petroleum has helped shape the western Canadian province for better and for worse

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Supply chain reaction

When credit started to dry up in 2008, multinationals were forced to reconsider distribution and funding. Selwyn Parker looks at the companies embracing new technologies to ease supply chain burdens

Discovering uncharted lands

A collection of reefs, atolls, cays and tiny islets peppered around the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands are breathtaking, and scarcely populated. Rita Lobo explores why surrounding countries are fighting to turn the remote location into a tourist destination


The cluster effect

Silicon Valley is known as the technological hub of international business, but finding high-calibre employees can greatly affect where a company remains. Jordan Bintcliffe looks at emerging and established economies using worldwide talent pools to source success

Corporate expenses tightened

In the absence of any realistic possibility of increasing sales, at least in the short term, most companies have been forced to start looking at their expense accounts in an effort to preserve profitability

The threat of the Karoshi

It is a sinister Japanese phenomenon that first surfaced in 1969, but while companies are making more effort to protect employees, karoshi is still reaping victims today. By Emma Holmqvist


The psychological contract of an organisation

An organisation must decide from the outset how it is to deal with employees, before considering how work will be distributed