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The US should be wary of a trade war with China

The US has long blamed its economic failings on other nations. Unlike its standoff with Japan in the 1980s, though, its tussle with China could prove costly

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Hotel Pullman Shanghai South

The ultra-modern Hotel Pullman Shanghai South is highly accessible, making it an excellent place to conduct business

The imitation game: eastern and western conceptions of art

Perceptions of art in the East and West, particularly concerning the nature and importance of originality, can differ markedly. Understanding this divide could provide wider social, economic and cultural benefits

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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is more than just an urban jungle. Culture abounds in the energetic city, and moments of tranquillity are never hard to find

China’s cities are competing to develop hi-tech industries

As oil and steel suffer, hi-tech industries are coming to China’s economic rescue. But with the rise of new sectors comes greater competition between the country’s new tech hubs

China’s efforts to regain position as luxury goods leader

A revival of craftsmanship in China is opening the door for a Chinese-made luxury industry

Anime enjoys explosive popularity in China

Anime consumption may have reached saturation point in its native
Japan, but youths around the world are developing an appetite for the
unique animated genre

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How Taiwan became Asia’s island of industry

Despite mounting tensions with China cutting off a major source of travellers, tourist numbers in Taiwan are on the rise. The island nation is now on track to become Asia’s newest and brightest hub for business

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How the Californian wine industry is benefitting from an influx of Chinese investors

Better wine and a new approach to tourism are putting southern California’s vineyards on the map for both wine lovers and a new wave of Chinese tourists

Discovering uncharted lands

A collection of reefs, atolls, cays and tiny islets peppered around the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands are breathtaking, and scarcely populated. Rita Lobo explores why surrounding countries are fighting to turn the remote location into a tourist destination


Gateway to the East

With more business being conducted in Hong Kong, finding a place that provides convenience, connectivity, service excellence and business traveller-friendly accommodation is essential. The Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, voted Best Business Hotel, China, 2012, has the winning formulae

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Harbourside hospitality

Priding itself on panoramic sea views, the Harbour Grand Hong Kong addresses every need of the business traveller and provides an exquisite culinary experience when the working day is done, making it Business Destinations’ Best Luxury Hotel, China, 2012