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The diamond standard

If you’re planning a business excursion to Hong Kong, then Rhombus has all points covered with its stunning facilities at Hotel Panorama and Hotel LKF


Chinese hotel market lacking demand

With a low occupancy rate, the Chinese hotels are considering a new approach


Red letter day

China is well and truly open for business. That is, provided you can understand and adopt the eastern ways of business etiquette. But which are truly the winning skills to help seal the deal? By Eleni Chalkidou


What next for China?

For years China’s growth has been the stuff of western dreams, but recent sluggish performance has presented a crossroads for the future. Michael Gardner explores the options facing the Chinese leadership


What lies ahead for Sino-American trade?

Its culture may value modesty, but China’s suppression of the yuan is ruffling more than a few feathers in the west. Michael Gardner investigates the cat-and-mouse politics of Sino-American trade

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Covering all angles

Business Destinations takes a trip to Hong Kong to find out why a double helping from Rhombus is the shape of things to come


Seeing double

For sublime city surroundings and tailored five-star service, the discerning business traveller in Hong Kong need look no further than Hotel Panorama and Hotel LKF by Rhombus


Responsible travel in China

With China opening up as never before to global tourism, what efforts can be made to protect the interests of local communities and the environment? Wild China’s sustainability manager Samantha Wood explains



The terracotta warriors of Xian are widely regarded as the greatest archaeological discovery of the twentieth century; 80,000 figures in full battle formation buried beneath the city suburbs since 210 BC. They’ve become more famous than the city itself; yet Xi’an is older than Beijing and Shanghai and has a fascinating history stretching more than […]


In the heart of Hong Kong

Hotel Panorama by Rhombus and Hotel LKF by Rhombus have been delighting international travellers


Beijing’s opulance

Beijing is a city in a hurry, racing to claim its place as the top modern metropolis. But the space age architecture and super-cool nightspots co-exist with an older world of night markets, rickshaws and choirs in the park. Susan Marling goes in search of the real Beijing


On a Shanghai

Shanghai, meaning above and sea, is an inordinately fitting name for the city that’s overtaken Rotterdam as the world’s busiest port. Situated on the banks of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is already China’s largest city. But developments there are about to shift into overdrive