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Why we should treat immigration like trade

Immigration can be just as economically advantageous as trade, but it must be carefully managed if it is to be a fair process that benefits all involved

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We cannot keep prioritising infrastructure over nature

As the world continues to develop at an astonishing rate, infrastructure must be built to cater to our growing needs. However, it is vital that the environment doesn’t become a casualty of human progress

The challenges posed by India’s urban awakening

With India fast catching up with the world’s urban heavyweights, the country must decide which strategy to pursue to make the most of its economic renaissance

China’s cities are competing to develop hi-tech industries

As oil and steel suffer, hi-tech industries are coming to China’s economic rescue. But with the rise of new sectors comes greater competition between the country’s new tech hubs

The health costs of environmental change

Human beings have dramatically changed the planet’s natural environment. While steps are being taken to minimise the damage, there is too little focus on the health implications of failing to do so

Why do cities become unaffordable?

Property is becoming increasingly expensive, causing many people to be priced out of their own cities. Many of the world’s cultural hubs are losing their sense of identity as a result

Learning to love a multipolar world

Increasing anti-globalisation attitudes in the US could spell trouble for trade relations. Global cooperation is needed if any economy is to progress over the next four years

The Tokyo the world needs

Tokyo is often misrepresented in popular culture, when in reality it offers a rare combination of culture, history and tradition that modern society

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Global free trade still has many hurdles left to overcome

Issues of fair trade continue to plague global relations, with many key players now applying antidumping duties on foreign imports in order to level the playing field


Venezuela crumbles under record levels of inflation

By rejecting key financial fundamentals, Venezuela’s economy has descended into chaos. The country is now struggling with the highest rate of inflation in the world

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Cambodia: a forgotten kingdom?

Despite its numerous wonders, Cambodia has never seen the numbers of visitors its neighbours enjoy. Tourists should not be scared of its supposed dangers, claims Jules Gray

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The bill for activism: how much does social unrest impact tourism?

Research reveals the cost of public violence and social unrest to tourism revenues may be significant. With more tourists boycotting unstable locations, it is time governments of countries in conflict understand the price of unrest for the industry