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Everyone is welcome at the Lalit hotel

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group has found international success. Now, the group is working to ensure every guest has an unforgettable stay and each employee benefits from its ethos of inclusivity

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The challenges posed by India’s urban awakening

With India fast catching up with the world’s urban heavyweights, the country must decide which strategy to pursue to make the most of its economic renaissance

Solving Bangalore’s problem of perpetual traffic gridlock

Bangalore’s constant congestion is costing its IT and BPO industries billions


Top 5 Indian cities for entrepreneurs

India, Asia’s second largest economy and the world’s largest democracy, is in the midst of a crucial election. For entrepreneurs, there are a number of cities that offer the best opportunities for starting a business


India’s beauty and industry in Rajasthan

For an intriguing insight into India’s cultural and natural heritage, look no further than the state of Rajasthan

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Have it all in Mumbai

Opulent apartments, beautiful guestrooms, restaurants, bars and even a shopping centre combine stylishly to make the Grand Hyatt Mumbai Business Destinations’ Best Luxury Hotel, India, 2013

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Business and pleasure

Boasting a dedicated meetings team and technology to match, the Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla has surpassed the competition to earn itself the title of Business Destinations’ Best Business Hotel, India, 2013


A divine intervention

Your very own slice of private paradise in God’s own country – meet Kerala’s premier luxury lodgings and our Best Luxury Spa Resort, India, 2012 – the Carnoustie Beach Resort & Ayurveda Spa


India: the inside story

With a booming economy, India is more frequently on the radar as a business destination than ever, but what can visitors expect from this vast and varied expanse? Will Owen gets acquainted with a few of the country’s many faces


A rollercoaster ride

Its inflation is raging, the stock market has been one of the globe’s worst performers recently – India’s economy has been like a roller coaster ride of late. By Costa Ionas



When Slumdog Millionaire became a surprise international hit, one of criticisms from the Indian elite were that it portrayed Mumbai in a bad light; yet while much of the film remains fantasy the depiction of transition from dilapidated favella to high-rise metropolis does have a great ring of truth. Because though the world’s second largest […]



From the moment you step off the plane to the moment you lay down to sleep, Delhi is right in your face; it’s like a four-dimensional Jackson Pollock that’ll make you rue the day you were born with just a single set of eyes. Prayer calls drift above the yodelling cries of market hawkers and […]