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Sustainable Travel

Could ecotourism help protect the Amazon rainforest?

By creating employment opportunities, boosting sales of local produce and discouraging deforestation, ecotourism could be a vital barrier against the destruction of natural sites like the Amazon

Drone tourism could be the solution to overcrowding at key tourist spots

As travel becomes cheaper and more accessible, the world’s tourist sites are becoming increasingly overcrowded. An innovative technological solution could be set to change the face of tourism

Rotterdam works towards circular economy

The circular economy initiative has been gaining momentum for some time now, though nowhere in the world is there more support for the scheme than in Rotterdam

From 2012-2016: five winners of the Green Capital Award

Since 2008, the European Commission has been presenting eco-friendly cities with the Green Capital Award, helping to promote ambitious projects spanning transport, food, energy and education. Laura French takes a look at the five most recent winners

Transport of the future: sky cars planned for Tel Aviv

A hover-car project in Tel Aviv could herald the future of urban transport and mean an easier commute for busy business travellers

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A bike tour for every continent

Inspired by the Tour de France? Whatever continent you’re currently on, we’ve found an excellent cycling holiday for you

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GSTC ensures sustainable tourism

The corporate world is increasingly concerned with sustainability. Authoritative bodies, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), can help corporate travel managers make informed choices in the selection of venues for business meetings and functions

Airlines get scientific over carbon footprint

A decision by the European Commission to impose increased charges on airlines related to carbon emissions has brought the issue of reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation industry into focus in the first half of this year, 2012


Sustainable airports provide an option for eco-friendly travellers

Airports dotted across the globe are aiming to appear more and more sustainable, with varying results

Hotels look to LEED commitment

More and more hotels are aiming to become sustainability leaders

Rail travel makes a speedy comeback

With concerns over climate change and resource management reaching ever-higher levels, it is not surprising that methods of transport, other than via the congested road network, are becoming more popular with the travelling public


Wheeling glory

As far as sustainable transportation goes, cycling is arguably the most eco friendly way of getting around. Business Destinations looks at the spots in Europe at the forefront of the quest to replace cars with cycles