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An interest in genealogy is fuelling heritage tourism

Following an explosion in the popularity of home DNA testing kits, corporate brands are finding new ways to capitalise on our search for identity

Augmented reality could transform the travel sector

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are emerging as disruptive forces in the travel industry. The United Arab Emirates could be a testing ground for these immersive attractions

Artificial waves are bringing surfing to the masses

The decision to use artificial wave machines on the professional surfing circuit has divided opinion. While controversial, this technology could give the niche sport greater mainstream appeal

Turkey’s medical tourism industry boosts visitor numbers

When Turkey’s traditional tourism industry dried up, the country turned to its medical sector to attract a new wave of visitors

Everyone is welcome at the Lalit hotel

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group has found international success. Now, the group is working to ensure every guest has an unforgettable stay and each employee benefits from its ethos of inclusivity

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Team-building gets an adrenaline fix in Oman

With a culture as unique as its landscape, Oman is a stunning destination for MICE activities and team-building events

Chasing the rainbow: the tourism industry is becoming more inclusive

The LGBTQ travel sector has been growing since the 1970s. Industry players can stand to gain from becoming more inclusive, but the social implications of such a shift are even more critical

Top 5 hospitality trends in 2019

The new year brings with it a host of new challenges and opportunities for the hospitality sector. Technology developments and luxury services will be defining features of the industry in 2019

Top 5 business hotels

Travelling for business can be tiring. With the right hotel, though, a work trip can be an opportunity to network, touch base with long-distance colleagues and attend essential meetings

Ex-Soviet republic Georgia finds its place on the international catwalk

Fashion has found a new talent pool in Tbilisi. The capital of former Soviet state Georgia has always been a key textile hub, but now it is realising its creative potential, too

The imitation game: eastern and western conceptions of art

Perceptions of art in the East and West, particularly concerning the nature and importance of originality, can differ markedly. Understanding this divide could provide wider social, economic and cultural benefits

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Experiencing hospitality in the gateway to West Africa

As one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, Ghana presents visitors with a range of ways to enjoy the country’s many assets