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Estonia offers online residency to business owners

In 2001, the tiny post-Soviet republic of Estonia made internet access a human right. Estonia’s next project is to use the internet to democratise access to entrepreneurship through its e-residency programme

How Taiwan became Asia’s island of industry

Despite mounting tensions with China cutting off a major source of travellers, tourist numbers in Taiwan are on the rise. The island nation is now on track to become Asia’s newest and brightest hub for business

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The New World of wine tourism

While wine tourism has emerged as a popular niche, the world’s oldest and most famous wine regions have been slow to capitalise on it. But now, the Old World is catching up to the New

How Egypt is overcoming the curse of the pharaohs

A series of terrorist attacks and periods of civil unrest have brought Egypt’s once-powerful tourism industry to its knees. Emily Cashen explores what can be done to tempt travellers back to the land of the pharaohs

Austin’s growing city limits

Since hitching a ride on the success of the semiconductor industry, Austin has become a city where business booms are the new normal. Managing the growth that goes along with them, however, is an ongoing challenge

Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Ravaged by climate change, Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef is facing the worst crisis in its history. Without drastic action, we risk losing one of the most valuable ecosystems on our planet

Iceland’s tourism boom

Since the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland has emerged as a tourism powerhouse that is captivating visitors with its breathtaking landscapes. However, the country’s tourism explosion will not be sustainable unless it is effectively managed

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Ultra pain, ultra gain: the rise of the ultramarathon

Not satisfied with a mere 26 miles, many runners – amateur and professional alike – are turning to ultramarathons to test their mental and physical strength even further


Bangkok transforms into tech hub

A storm of political instability has put Bangkok back in the limelight this year. Laura French takes a look at the changing face of the world’s most infamous city, where streets heaving with seediness meet a business hub brimming with opportunity


Nicaragua: a hub for ecotourism

Nicaragua has long been characterised by social and political strife, but Matt Timms finds the country is making a name for itself as a major hub for ecotourism


All eyes on Sri Lanka

From the ashes of a bloody civil war, modern Sri Lanka was born. Today it is one of the most promising business destinations in Asia, with unprecedented growth and plenty of opportunity. Rita Lobo looks at the long road from war to riches

Berlin’s great renaissance

The Berlin Wall was the symbol of a divided nation, but 25 years on, the wall and other former Soviet sites are now stirring tourist attractions