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Exploring Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance

The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence is famed for its Renaissance art and architecture. Between trips to the Duomo and traditional trattorias, visitors can venture into the city’s more modern watering holes

The cost of restoring Italy’s historic landmarks

Rome’s ancient monuments are some of the city’s biggest draws, but maintaining them comes at a huge cost. Although private corporations have been more than willing to pick up the bill, their involvement has proven controversial

Rome-EUR Convention Hall and Hotel

As Rome’s largest new building for 50 years, the Rome-EUR Convention Hall and Hotel is a spectacular feat of architecture, inviting conference guests to meet and greet inside its state-of-the-art cloud structure

Murano’s merchants of Venice

Venice has a history of glassmaking that dates back to the 13th century, but its future now looks shaky. However, efforts are being made to preserve the tradition

Grand Hotel Villa Cora

In verdant hills on the outskirts of Florence, this mansion is perfect for a relaxing stopover

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In the heart of the action

For the last 40 years the Costa Smeralda has been renowned as one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations; Eccelsa Aviation’s new terminal lies at its very heart, and is our Best Fixed Based Operator for Western Europe


Milan, the art of the city

Milan’s reputation as a fashion hub is universally known but its dedication to modern art receives less attention. Julianna Barnaby discovers the weird, wacky and wonderful side of the avant-garde


Rome’s eternal foundations

Rome, one of the greatest sightseeing cities in the world, offers a bewildering array of attractions cloaked in a rich tapestry of history and culture


Unraveling Genoa

Since being crowned European City of Culture 2004, the tangled capillaries of old town Genoa have flowed to a nascent business centre at the heart of a city poised to lock horns with the likes of Milan and Rome. Lucia Cockcroft gives us a taste of the contrasting dynamics at work in this growing business location


Floating above Venice

Want a new take on Venice? Take the canal’s eye view – just hire a boat for the week in the lagoon and cast off says Stephen Bleach



If you stop to look a while, you can almost see the ghosts of this once-beautiful city still trapped in the crumbling facades of its cobbled terraces. While Milan, Florence and Venice strut their stuff with wild abandon, Naples sighs at the margins, before embracing life with far more gusto than glamour. There’s much to […]



Few cities are as immortalised in international folklore as the Italian capital; even fewer are able to live up to hype. Yet standing beside the Coliseum in Rome, or gazing up at the roof of the Sistine Chapel, or simply taking in the stunning panorama from one of the seven hills, you might start to […]