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South-East Asia is refusing to put up with the West’s rubbish

After China decided to restrict its waste intake from abroad, South-East Asia became the West’s new dumping ground. Today, the region is pushing back, leaving the global recycling ecosystem in turmoil

African nations seek to do business without borders

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement seeks to create an economic alliance between African nations. One area that’s particularly ripe for collaboration is tourism

Why we should treat immigration like trade

Immigration can be just as economically advantageous as trade, but it must be carefully managed if it is to be a fair process that benefits all involved

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Supermalls suffer amid e-commerce boom

So-called ‘supermalls’ have exploded in popularity in recent years, even becoming destinations in themselves. However, as consumers increasingly shift towards e-commerce, their survival is in serious jeopardy

We cannot keep prioritising infrastructure over nature

As the world continues to develop at an astonishing rate, infrastructure must be built to cater to our growing needs. However, it is vital that the environment doesn’t become a casualty of human progress

Doing business in Boston

The city of Boston deftly combines New England’s charm with a thriving business scene, making it a well-rounded destination for business travellers

For digital nomads, home is where they lay their laptops

With the world of work now more flexible than ever, many young people are upping sticks and packing their businesses into their backpacks. It may be the trip of a lifetime, but it can pose issues for the cities they’re leaving behind

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The concerns facing female business travellers

A recent survey has found that, when travelling for business, women are most concerned about safety issues and only half knew if their employer had a duty of care policy in place

Paris is undergoing a small business revolution

Not content with its ‘City of Light’ moniker, Paris is establishing itself as a start-up superpower. President Macron’s pro-business stance is easing the transition

The trials of air travel

Going abroad is supposed to be relaxing, but navigating the pitfalls of the airport experience can undo any holiday’s good work

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As globalisation changes, we must retain its benefits

Globalisation is no longer the much-praised force it once was. Whole countries are turning their backs on global openness in favour of more authoritarian policies

President Trump destabilises transatlantic relations

With President Trump placing the US’ relationship with its historical allies at risk, Europe must reassess how it deals with the superpower