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The US should be wary of a trade war with China

The US has long blamed its economic failings on other nations. Unlike its standoff with Japan in the 1980s, though, its tussle with China could prove costly

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Pack it in: the hassle of flying with baggage

Travelling is a wonderful experience that can expand the mind and leave lasting memories. But why does it have to come with so much baggage?

Caught between conflicts, the unique island of Socotra is under threat

The island of Socotra is one of the world’s most unique territories, but conflict in the Middle East is threatening to destroy its delicate social and ecological balance

Can skyscrapers replace the Middle East’s oil industry?

Skyscraper construction has soared as countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia look to forge pathways towards more sustainable growth. But new high-rises aren’t always indicative of progress

Africa’s craft trade: opportunity or exploitation?

In South Africa, the growing craft economy is providing a way for women in poor rural communities to achieve financial self-sufficiency

Oversupply is causing coffee prices to plummet

Times are tough for coffee growers in South America. After prices hit a 15-year low in May 2019, many of the region’s farmers are starting to question whether the industry can still provide a sustainable livelihood

South-East Asia is refusing to put up with the West’s rubbish

After China decided to restrict its waste intake from abroad, South-East Asia became the West’s new dumping ground. Today, the region is pushing back, leaving the global recycling ecosystem in turmoil

The business events to attend this autumn

This autumn, experts in banking, investment, leadership development and cryptocurrencies will travel across the world to take part in the season’s biggest business events

African nations seek to do business without borders

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement seeks to create an economic alliance between African nations. One area that’s particularly ripe for collaboration is tourism

Why we should treat immigration like trade

Immigration can be just as economically advantageous as trade, but it must be carefully managed if it is to be a fair process that benefits all involved

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Supermalls suffer amid e-commerce boom

So-called ‘supermalls’ have exploded in popularity in recent years, even becoming destinations in themselves. However, as consumers increasingly shift towards e-commerce, their survival is in serious jeopardy

We cannot keep prioritising infrastructure over nature

As the world continues to develop at an astonishing rate, infrastructure must be built to cater to our growing needs. However, it is vital that the environment doesn’t become a casualty of human progress