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Caught between conflicts, the unique island of Socotra is under threat

The island of Socotra is one of the world’s most unique territories, but conflict in the Middle East is threatening to destroy its delicate social and ecological balance

Can skyscrapers replace the Middle East’s oil industry?

Skyscraper construction has soared as countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia look to forge pathways towards more sustainable growth. But new high-rises aren’t always indicative of progress

Top 5 personal finance tips for expats in the UAE

The UAE has one of the best career packages in the world for expats. Before making the move, here are some key considerations when it comes to personal finance

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Abu Dhabi: a Gulf in class

Home to awe-inspiring modern architecture and a rich cultural heritage, Abu Dhabi is the emirate of choice for adventurous business travellers

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Why the UAE’s cultural heritage should be celebrated

Sharjah is dedicated to preserving its unique and vibrant history, making it one of the most rewarding business destinations in the UAE

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Meliá Hotels International

Meliá Doha and Meliá Dubai, two contemporary hotels in the Middle East, have set a new standard for luxury accommodation

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The driving force in the Middle East

Quick and easy mobility is the key to any successful business liaison, and doors will certainly open with Holiday Auto’s award winning service

Big success in a small land

The second-largest Arab economy behind Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates has largely been in the news over the past three years because of the massive financial meltdown that hit its second city, Dubai, in late 2008. While the fallout from that crisis still resonates, there is now cautious optimism among economists



The United Arab Emirates is a marvellously contradictory nation, where conspicuous consumption and ostentation hold hands with traditional Muslim conservatism and a Bedouin culture than continues to thrive in the country’s deserts. Dubai, the city which invented the ‘shopping festival’, dazzles with its ultra-modern skyline and ever-present glamour. Yet the desert sands beyond tell a […]