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Gyeonggi Tourism Organization launches new ECOnomic support programme

The Meeting & Convention Team at Gyeonggi Tourism Organization (GTO), the first regional conventions and visitors bureau (CVB) launched in Korea in 2011, is committed to strengthening the MICE industry in Gyeonggi Province, Korea

In 2022, as a part of its effort toward sustainability and Green MICE, GTO has started to offer up to 10% additional funding to event organisers adopting green events practices. This incentive scheme is designed to heighten understanding about the concept of Green MICE among event organisers and get them actively involved in this movement.

In this matter, GTO developed a “Green MICE Checklist” to expedite event organisation’s transition towards Green MICE. The 14 items on the checklist fall into five categories, such as reducing the use of disposables, adopting eco-friendly materials, replacing paper with digital versions and alternative public transportation methods.

Each clause, rated on three levels of difficulty of achievement (difficult/normal/easy), is designed to easily adapt to any type of event and provide guidelines for organisers not familiar with Green MICE.

Another effort to achieve carbon neutrality, GTO launched the “G-MICE Welcome Shuttle bus” programme. Last year, this campaign was carried out by a pilot scheme to encourage MICE event participants to use public transportation and provide shuttle buses for some events. These efforts were well-received by participants and GTO have officially launched the programme this year with new added initiatives such as the introduction of eco-friendly buses. GTO provides a shuttle bus service between major stations to the event venues and hotels for organisers who applied for the programme, and this year we expect approximately 5,000 event participants will use this alternative transportation.

The two main convention centres in Gyeonggi province – KINTEX and Suwon Convention Centre – are strongly committed to ‘eco-friendly management’ within the framework of fostering Green MICE. Most notably, Exhibition Hall No.3 at KINTEX, presently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2025, will feature eco-friendly systems such as solar and geothermal power generation, water treatment, and an energy management system to transform the convention centre into a green venue.


Suwon Centre for Traditional-Cultures
Suwon Centre for Traditional Cultures


The Green MICE pursued by Gyeonggi and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization is aimed at reducing the burden on the organisers, so that more stakeholders develop positive perceptions of sustainability and encourage their participation. To this end, we will continue to put our best efforts into creating an ‘ECOnomical’ business events environment with the organisers and participants visiting Gyeonggi province, through effective support systems and collaboration with other Gyeonggi MICE Alliance partners.


NICE to MEET Gyeonggi, Korea

Gyeonggi, at a glance

  • Geographically, Gyeonggi Province surrounds Seoul, the capital city of South Korea
  • Easy access to 2 major international airports in Korea (within an hour)
  • Convenient transportation system connecting the greater Seoul area
  • Abundant MICE infrastructures including KINTEX, Korea’s largest convention centre, and Suwon Convention Centre, newly opened state-of-art MICE complex
  • Having international-branded hotels & resort type hotels across 31 cities and counties
  • Having rich historical sites and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites to visit, such as DMZ, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Namhansanseong Fortress
NICE to DO in Gyeonggi

Gyeonggi is the heart of Northeast Asia’s business and economic hub with various industrial inspections and outstanding convention facilities. Since plenty of meeting facilities are spread out in 31 cities in Gyeonggi, it is possible to choose the most suitable place depending on the size and nature of the event. In addition, Gyeonggi has many unique venues that embrace history, tradition, nature and state-of-the-art technology, for team-building programmes and social events.

At the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone), a symbol of peace and the reality of the world’s only divided country, you can attend a trail walking programme along the cease-fire-line. DMZ Ecotourism Support Centre is located inside the Imjingak National Tourist Site with traces of the Division of Korea. In September 2016, it was opened as a cultural complex for various events encompassing exhibitions, performances, educational programmes, and experiences.


Camp Greaves
Camp Greaves


Camp Greaves was a former military base for the 506th U.S. Second Infantry Division for 50 years after the Korean War. Since the withdrawal of the American troops from Korea in 2004, it was remodeled into a peace and security experience centre for civilians in 2013. It is the only cultural complex with lodging within the Civilian Control Zone. It gives off unique vibes as it is still equipped with military facilities such as officers’ quarters, barracks, and gyms. Also known as a filming location for the TV series Descendants of the Sun, it is famous among influencers looking for hipster destinations.


Hwaseong Fortress
Hwaseong Fortress


The Suwon Centre for Traditional Culture, located right next to Hwaseong Fortress, consists of the Traditional Food and Culture Experience Centre, the Etiquette Education Centre, and the Outdoor Stage. Because these venues are packed quite closely to one another, they are perfect for hosting meetings, performances, seminars, and lectures for 40-50 people.


Korean Folk Village


The Korean Folk Village, theme park for reproduction of life in the Joseon Dynasty, is famous for being used as a filming location for movies and TV shows. The village can accommodate banquets for up to 350 people or team building programmes in Korea’s traditional atmosphere.

Everland is one of the most popular amusement parks in Korea and it offers a teambuilding programme for incentive travel groups. Since it has an outdoor facility for up to 3,000 people and an indoor facility for 1,000, it is ideal for hosting large-scale corporate events.

Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang is carrying out various programmes and exhibitions so that you can enjoy the experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling cars more comfortably. You can test-drive cars and experience new driving pleasures.


Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang
Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang


Formerly used as a salted seafood warehouse for 40 years after the mine was shut down, Gwangmyeong Cave has become a globally recognised cultural complex that incorporates historical, cultural, and artistic content to the unique spatiality embedded in a cave. You can enjoy eye-catching moments as you walk past the exhibition hall peeking into the past of the mine, the VR experience centre exploring cutting-edge media, the media art show using lights, and the Gold Road full of artworks under the theme of “gold.”


Gwangmyeong Cave


There is no theme park like Petite France that gives you a clearer idea about its content. Originally launched as a “French cultural village” in July 2008, Petite France takes a new leap forward by additionally opening an Italian town under the theme of Pinocchio and da Vinci in May 2021.

There are more unique venues with variety attractions and programmes for all age groups, such as temple stay, leisure sports complex, etc. If you look for unforgettable memories beyond the meeting, Gyeonggi is the place that makes it happen.


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