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The imitation game: eastern and western conceptions of art

Perceptions of art in the East and West, particularly concerning the nature and importance of originality, can differ markedly. Understanding this divide could provide wider social, economic and cultural benefits

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The challenges of repatriation

French President Emmanuel Macron recently pledged to return the 4,000 or so African artefacts currently held in French museums to their countries of origin. But cultural repatriation is easier said than done

Anime enjoys explosive popularity in China

Anime consumption may have reached saturation point in its native
Japan, but youths around the world are developing an appetite for the
unique animated genre

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Murano’s merchants of Venice

Venice has a history of glassmaking that dates back to the 13th century, but its future now looks shaky. However, efforts are being made to preserve the tradition

The art effect

While often underestimated, the power that public art holds to transform our connection to a space makes it uniquely valuable

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Art retrospectives

Our pick of the best upcoming retrospectives around the world

Qatar’s cultural hub

The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar has played a vital role in preserving the region’s most precious artefacts and has been named Best Museum for Contribution to Education in the Middle East, 2012 for its outstanding achievement

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