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Boom and bust in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s volatile financial market has long been an enigma to economists. As Buenos Aires cultivates a generation of entrepreneurs, the city must determine what is holding it back from international success

Alvear Palace Hotel exudes charm and style of the Belle Époque

In Buenos Aires’ sophisticated Recoleta district, the Alvear Palace Hotel is an opulent architectural gem, with personalised service and a higher class of guest


Algodon Mansion

For butler-serviced relaxation check into our recommendation for a break in Buenos Aires

Conferencing in South America takes off

South America is a rising star on the radar of the international conference industry. The continent’s stunning natural scenery is increasingly being matched by equally impressive conference facilities, often comparable to the best in the world. RioCentro, Brazil RioCentro is, as the name suggests, situated in the internationally renowned city of Rio de Janeiro. When […]

Buenos Aires

The most European of South America’s cities, the ‘Southern City of Light’ has taken a bit of a beating in recent years. When the economy of Argentina collapsed in the late 90s, the government was forced to remove the peso peg to the dollar and the currency’s value came crashing down. Buenos Aires took the […]



Argentina is a vast country of rolling pampas, glorious mountains, lively city culture and probably the world’s best steak. From mighty Iguazú Falls in the north to the Antarctic ice of Patagonia in the south, Argentina has it all. It is also a country that rewards patience – don’t expect to rush through business negotiations, […]


The summer wine list

Food and wine are forever intertwined. business destinations’ Critic Jane Anson reviews the summer’s best foodie wines