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Rail travel

All aboard the Blue Train

Michal Zuk takes in the stunning luxury of South Africa’s Blue Train


150 years of the London Underground

With the oldest subway system in the world celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, Michal Zuk examines how the long history of the London Underground has transformed the city


On track

With a network covering in excess of 1,400 miles, stretching from Aberdeen to Penzance, Bournemouth to Manchester and Stansted Airport to Cardiff, serving over 100 stations, CrossCountry trains get business travellers where they need to be


The rise of the super commuter

With the rise of fast and efficient modes of travel, a small but growing group of people are commuting long distances between work and home, primarily on the weekends. These “super commuters”, as they are called, often travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles

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Eurostar continues to perform

The connection between Britain and mainland Europe has continued to enjoy great popularity

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Rail travel makes a speedy comeback

With concerns over climate change and resource management reaching ever-higher levels, it is not surprising that methods of transport, other than via the congested road network, are becoming more popular with the travelling public