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A divine intervention

Your very own slice of private paradise in God’s own country – meet Kerala’s premier luxury lodgings and our Best Luxury Spa Resort, India, 2012 – the Carnoustie Beach Resort & Ayurveda Spa


Ever imagined how a mix of refined luxury and unadulterated nature could create a unique blend of resort experience? Discover this and much more on an evocative journey of wellness and wonderment at Carnoustie Beach Resort; a bountiful landscape created on the theme of conservation and rejuvenation.

When life takes a toll, there is no better place to seek refuge than in the welcoming arms of Mother Nature herself. This decision should bring you down to Kerala; a subtropical Indian State richly endowed with nature’s bounties. Following its balmy air, you’ll find refuge in backwater county, Alleppey, where none other than Carnoustie Beach Resort will welcome you to your idea of bliss.

Carnoustie Beach Resort
Set in 27 acres of virgin land, Carnoustie Beach Resort has been created to make both the modern vacationer and seasoned traveller feel at home. While there is plenty to do and explore at the resort, there is also opportunity to simply lie back in the curative brine of the Arabian Sea, or the soothing freshwater pool adjoined to your villa. From the putting green to the archery square, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged. If, however, you are on a soul-searching trip, the paved path to the natural Spa will show you the way to banish your fatigue and make your past worries seem like a distant memory. This is the place where you will heal, and where you will finally come back to life.

Just about an hour‘s drive from Cochin International Airport, Carnoustie Beach Resort is a sparkling jewel dotting the thread of the world-famous backwaters and beaches on the lap of lush tropical greenery in ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala. In this heaven on earth, guests will find privacy, warmth, many moments of magic and the promise of utter contentment fulfilled during their stay.

Sustainable design
The resort has 40 villas that are separate worlds within themselves, and inside you’ll find every one secluded, serviced and equipped with every facility you would expect from a five-star environment. The premium villas reflect the charming theme of frangipani that pervades the resort and has its own rain-shower, jacuzzi, bathtub and a private pool. While they offer an inimitable venue for rejuvenating your romance, the mid-range villas with their large-format bedrooms and classic bath tubs also make for a perfect family rendezvous. The entry-level villas, with their lily pools, offer not only the perfect embodiment of luxury, but a surprise garnishing of great value as well.

The design of the villas is a perfect fusion of contemporary and traditional Keralan architecture spread across 27 acres of beachfront land. The natural features, including a winding stream, as well as fauna, have been retained so as to keep the local eco-flavour. An intriguing use of weft bamboo amidst the local warp of palm, thatched leaves and wood add to the natural, indigenous luxury of the resort too.

In a breathtaking expression of contemporary and sustainable design, and in continuity with its natural surroundings, subtly infused with the essence of the tropics, each Villa is an exquisite example of space and privacy in perfect harmony. Under their lofty ceilings, the villas feature widescreen LED TVs with surround-sound systems, BOSE iPod docking stations, broadband internet access, and as always, the dedicated services of a villa host to take care of your every whim.

‘God’s own country’
As you move seamlessly from one living area to the next, you will encounter the traditional spirit of the Kerala and its people; a destination that through bespoke activities will become part of your personal journey. Kerala has emerged as one of India’s most acclaimed tourist destinations in the recent past. The World Travel and Tourism Council has selected Kerala as a ‘Partner State’, while National Geographic Traveller has named Kerala as one of the ‘ten paradises of the world’ and ‘50 must see destinations of a lifetime’.

In and around the resort, vast lagoons along the rice fields, dense tropical forest, hilly tea, coffee & rubber plantations, high-range fresh water lakes, national parks, spice gardens and some of the finest beaches of India complete the destination experience of Kerala. The world-famous Kerala Backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, a labyrinthine system formed by more than 900km of waterways across the state. At Carnoustie, you can enjoy an array of water sports and activities of your choice. Frolic in the back waters; try your hand at kayaking, canoeing, or take off on a backwater cruise, or a speedboat cruise.

Signature therapy
Aryavaidyasala at Carnoustie is a sanctuary of well-being. A verdant eco-friendly resort of sublime luxury and sheer elegance, this resort evokes a sense of style. Welcome to Carnoustie Aryavaidyasala; where centuries-old tradition ignites your senses and the all-compassing experience is designed to nurture and re-balance the body in times of change, pressure and stress. A collection of signature experiences combine ancient therapeutic rituals with modern-day research. The doctors and expert therapists at Carnoustie will guide you on a rejuvenating journey of wellness. Surrounded by tranquil waters, the Spa at Carnoustie provides the perfect space for your individualised, holistic journey.

During your stay and treatment, internationally and nationally certified trainers and experts of the highest calibre will work towards your everyday health with an abundance of wholesome energy for the body, mind and spirit. In this environment of wellness, discover how to balance, invigorate your daily lifestyle with new and unique approaches to health and longevity.

At Carnoustie Beach Resort, nature will be your constant companion. Be it the sun and sand of an unspoilt stretch of beach, an eco-friendly villa made of local thatch, or cuisine that draws from the local influences. The Carnoustie Resort is committed to the environment and has adopted a green policy using efficient energy conservation techniques, minimal lighting and recycled water for landscaping. The villas and the facilities are designed to reduce energy and water consumption with the use of exhaustible materials like Jute, Rattan Mats and wood. Carnoustie Beach Resort is a place of rejuvenation and rediscovery; where every desire is a whim to be indulged, and every possibility is a dream to be fulfilled.

Further information: +91 478 283 0400; info@carnoustieresorts.com; www.carnoustieresorts.com

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