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The lighter side of currency

Recent currency news is overwhelmingly negative and frequently dull, but sometimes unbelievable stories emerge from the humdrum

The Arab spring

Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman of the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation and former deputy prime minister of Malaysia, reveals the WIEF’s most recent discussions


Seize the day

Africa is the logical next step for many businesses, but the challenges are daunting, says Tom Stevenson

Paying through the roof

With many countries experiencing a depreciation in real estate, now may be the time to look further afield

A rollercoaster year

The past 12 months has been a financially turbulent time for Europe; the only certainty for the future is that difficult decisions will have to be made


A model strategy

For decades firms have been outsourcing business to foreign countries in the name of greater cost effectiveness. Rita Lobo examines how the market is changing today and whether the benefits of moving abroad are really as great as they seem

The Arab sting

Has Egypt’s bold stride for democracy put its development on the back foot? Dr Stephanie Jones asks some tough questions about what the Arab Spring has achieved for the country’s cultural and economic prospects

Getting your money’s worth

There’s no crystal ball to predict the value of currencies, but we can be vigilant for the events that trigger turbulence in the markets


Sliding on Greece

Market instability could be with us for some time, but what we really need is a dose of sound business sense to ride out the storm


Weathering the storm

“A sitting crow starves” – or so goes the Icelandic proverb – and if the country’s miraculous economic recovery is anything to go by, the island’s proverbial bird has certainly taken flight


The great escape

We may already have planned our exile during the London Olympics, but what (if any) benefits can the games bring to host countries?

Economical with the truth

Barely a decade into the great single currency experiment, has the euro’s finest hour been and gone?