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President Trump destabilises transatlantic relations

With President Trump placing the US’ relationship with its historical allies at risk, Europe must reassess how it deals with the superpower


Enjoying a unique blend of Basque, French and Spanish cultures, the town of Biarritz is swiftly rising through the ranks of Europe’s hottest conference destinations

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A rollercoaster year

The past 12 months has been a financially turbulent time for Europe; the only certainty for the future is that difficult decisions will have to be made


Eurostar continues to perform

The connection between Britain and mainland Europe has continued to enjoy great popularity

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Can Hungary tackle its debt?

Like Greece, Hungary is not the most exemplary member of the EU. Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or is the country destined for junk status?

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Getting in the zone

Continuing economic turmoil means that the viability of the european single currency is far from certain, but where did the cracks appear and how can a sustainable future be built? Michael Gardner ponders the future of the Euro

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