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Lyon, France

A visit to Lyon is a treat for the taste buds, while its sightseeing and hospitality industry will satisfy any traveller

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The New World of wine tourism

While wine tourism has emerged as a popular niche, the world’s oldest and most famous wine regions have been slow to capitalise on it. But now, the Old World is catching up to the New

Annecy, France

Brimming with natural beauty and regional charm, the Alpine city of Annecy is fast becoming one of Europe’s hottest destinations

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Enjoying a unique blend of Basque, French and Spanish cultures, the town of Biarritz is swiftly rising through the ranks of Europe’s hottest conference destinations

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Demand for Alpine ski property grows

All indications are that now is the time to invest in French ski property

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Confit or not to be? France’s fight against fake food

French restaurateurs are up in arms about kitchens churning out sub-par meals. Legislators are keen to enforce transparency, but Rita Lobo finds some chefs are happy to hide their ingredients’ origin

The star treatment

A bastion of French culture and sophistication for more than 100 years, the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes still provides guests with a sumptuous retreat that is among the finest in the country


Just the ticket

If you ever wondered how your business meeting could become more adventurous, look no further than disneyland paris’ comprehensive (and rather fun) set of conference solutions


Hitting the piste

With eco-tourism in vogue as never before, Miriam Willis asks if our love affair with the ski slopes can ever yield a sustainable future

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Budapest has been called the “Paris of the East”; Buenos Aires the “Paris of the South”. The city has long set the standard as the centre for high culture; it’s a capital of cuisine, the home of fine art and philosophy, a fantastic “city of light”, imitated but never equalled by others the world over. […]


Engineered for excellence

Make sure your journey starts in the fast lane with our guide to the latest and greatest in high-tech gadgetry


Tango in Paris

Got 48 hours in the city of lights? Fling yourself into the heady mix of heritage, culinary delights and entertainment the French capital has to offer