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Orange County Convention Centre

The Orange County Convention Centre offers a huge amount of space, along with flexible options for its event hosts. This makes it perfect for all shows, no matter how big or small

The New World of wine tourism

While wine tourism has emerged as a popular niche, the world’s oldest and most famous wine regions have been slow to capitalise on it. But now, the Old World is catching up to the New

How the Californian wine industry is benefitting from an influx of Chinese investors

Better wine and a new approach to tourism are putting southern California’s vineyards on the map for both wine lovers and a new wave of Chinese tourists

Andrew Wirth: man of the mountain

While California is renowned for its pristine beaches, the state is also home to a flourishing ski scene. Under the direction of Andrew Wirth, Squaw Valley Ski Resort has turned Lake Tahoe’s slopes into a winter playground

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LA memoir

A movie-making Mecca, Los Angeles, California is an emblematic city. With its glamorous and often questionable past, Rita Lobo explores how the city has evolved from a sun-drenched town to one of the most iconic settings in the world

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