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LA memoir

A movie-making Mecca, Los Angeles, California is an emblematic city. With its glamorous and often questionable past, Rita Lobo explores how the city has evolved from a sun-drenched town to one of the most iconic settings in the world

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Runway success

If you’ve ever felt the convenience of airport hotels is negated by uninspiring rooms and surroundings, let the Hilton New York JFK Airport lift your expectations to new heights


A quick guide to the Grand Canyon

Head out west to the badlands of Arizona, where the Grand Canyon National Park boasts some of the world’s most stunning geography


The cultural revolution

With a Guggenheim set to arrive in Abu Dhabi in 2013, Eleni Chalkidou examines the museum’s unique cultural influence around the world



What Memphis is to Rock ‘n’ Roll, Nashville is to Country – and like it or loathe it, the most popular music genre in the US is big business round here. The neon lights of Lower Broadway say it all; this is a Mecca for bands and fans alike. Early Nashville’s prosperity was built on […]



It was 1965 when Walt Disney announced his plans for the Magic Kingdom, and he chose Orlando over candidates such as Miami because its inland location was protected from hurricanes. The decision has proved the most pivotal in Orlando’s history; today this is the most concentrated collection of theme parks in the world and one […]


Baton Rouge

There’s a friendly student atmosphere to this sleepy Sun Belt city filled with laid back Cajun joie de vivre. Far removed from the charged frenzy of New York or the ostentation of Los Angeles, the subtropical warmth has bred a laid back people who deliver authentic Louisiana at every turn. Lying around 75 miles north-west […]



Savannah’s heyday at the height of the cotton trade has long since past, but the Victorian mansions and grand, open squares are a lasting testament to the riches of yore. The port retains its significance as one of America’s busiest, and there’s still a busy manufacturing sector attached, but Savannah is more renowned for its […]



Charleston, often called the Holy City because of the churches and cathedrals that dominate its skyline, is the kind of well-mannered, seemly charmer that your parents would just love you to bring home. Romance seeps from the city’s antebellum architecture and the reputation for hospitality and unerring politeness is well-deserved. This is a city of […]


15 minutes of fame

Bursting at the seams with contemporary art and boasting more culture than you can shake a bagel at, New York’s Chelsea district has matured into a hub of creative commerce


The best of the US

The USA is known for legendary hotels, and superb business offerings. So how well do the two combine? Catherine Quinn picks the best of the bunch


National treasure

Washington DC might not be quite what it seems, discovers Emma Holmqvist