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Adelaide Convention Centre

Adelaide Convention Centre recently underwent a significant redevelopment. With the addition of two new buildings, it’s set to generate billions for the region

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Located near the city’s business district, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre connects international companies to Australia’s thriving commercial hub

Backpacker tourism: Australia’s wandering workforce

Thousands of Millennials take a backpacking pilgrimage to Australia every year, a trend that is greatly benefiting the country’s agricultural industry

Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Ravaged by climate change, Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef is facing the worst crisis in its history. Without drastic action, we risk losing one of the most valuable ecosystems on our planet

The queen of Victoria

Mixing a thriving economy of finance, technology and tourism, Melbourne is not just a desirable place to live, it’s also Business Destinations’ Best Destination for MICE in Australia, 2011


Worth the extra mileage

Australia has done an excellent job of nurturing a reputation for outdoors activities and spectacular scenery, but with more business travellers washing up on its sunny shores, Business destinations examines what can be found there – and how to get a good deal.



Named for the German consort of King William IV, Adelaide is a refreshingly open city of wide public boulevards and lush greenery. The open spaces appear to have cultivated a liberal, forward looking populace from the start; early Adelaide was notable for its political progressivism, being the first Australian city to outlaw sexual and racial […]


Straight to the vine

Jane Anson visits the cities renowned for their vino, and finds some ideal venues for a business meeting, with a chance to sample the local produce thrown into the bargain



Australia is a highly urbanised nation, with the majority of the population squeezed into a few cities clinging to the coast. Inside lies the Australian outback, the largest desert outside of the Sahara, where you can walk for hundreds of miles through haunting landscapes of red, yellow and ochre without encountering so much as a […]



Founded in 1876, Cairns was originally established in order to export the gold that had been discovered west of the bay. The swamps and mangroves were cleared and filled with dried mud and sawdust and subsequent agriculture on the reclaimed land helped to support it as a growing northern port. During world war two it […]



You don’t visit Sydney. You experience it. Passing through its slick layout and perfect weather without eyes glazing green is an impossibility; envy being the overriding emotion when you realise that all these people actually get to live there. As smooth as the sails of its Opera House, you’ll glide just as easily through its […]



Perth is one of the most isolated metropolitan areas on the planet – geographically, it’s closer to Singapore than Sydney and the nearest big city is over 2,000km away. It’s the capital of Western Australia and despite the state covering a third of the landmass, 85 percent of its population is crammed into this oasis […]