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Vancouver Convention Centre

Set against a backdrop of rippling waters and dramatic mountains, the Vancouver Convention Centre is one of the world’s most exciting business hubs

Canadian emigration: is it worth it?

Canadian emigration experts share some tips for moving abroad – or, as in the case of Margaret Johnston – moving home


The gifts and curses of black gold

Home to some of the world’s largest oil reserves, Alberta has seen huge economic benefits from an expanding energy sector. Michal Zuk examines how petroleum has helped shape the western Canadian province for better and for worse

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The billionaire and the bridge

Michal Zuk examines how a bridge linking Detroit to Canada is creating controversy between governments on one side and a reclusive billionaire on the other


A shrewd awakening

From liveability to freedom of the market, Canada consistently ranks highly on top 10 lists. Vancouver, in particular, has proven itself to be a prime location for startup businesses, thanks in part to its highly skilled population and wealth of industry

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Solace in Canada

Canada is famous for winter sports, great lakes and vast tracks of wilderness. But Catherine Quinn discovers why her cities are well worth a look


Monolithic Montreal

Roger St. Pierre spotlights the endless appeal of Montreal – French Canada’s biggest city



Though it is consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Montreal has a strange relationship with those beyond its borders. The inherently Gallic heart accounts for a little over half of the population, but the historical British influences and large multicultural population have always set it slightly apart from the rest of […]



It’s a telling statistic that every other citizen of Toronto was born elsewhere. In many ways, this is Canada’s leading city; it’s the richest, most populous and the central hub for many of its leading industries. But it’s also a member of an elite group of alpha world cities that come to transcend national boundaries; […]



The winding cobbled streets lined with ancient looking patios, where stylish Quebecois sip coffee and play chess with their compatriots, have a distinctly rustic feel by day; by night, the soft amber glow of the gorgeous city lights feel like a scene from a Van Gogh. Quebec City is a delightful slice of the Old […]



Canada may have had some bad press over the environmental implications of exploiting its vast natural resources, but its capital Ottawa remains one of the cleanest, greenest cities in the world. At the confluence of three great rivers and with an intricate series of canals connecting it to Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay, it has […]



A country of superlatives, the main problem with Canada is knowing where to start. Do you go with the vast national parks, crammed full of ice-capped peaks, majestic glaciers, crystal lakes and a host of unique and exciting wildlife? Or maybe head to the coast and explore the spectacular fjords and make friends with a […]