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Business Management

Global commodities traders reap rewards

A small group of companies, and the individuals who run them, are increasingly able to control everything from the food we eat to the energy we consume. Martin Morris examines the figures behind the world of commodities trading

Getting in the zone

Continuing economic turmoil means that the viability of the european single currency is far from certain, but where did the cracks appear and how can a sustainable future be built? Michael Gardner ponders the future of the Euro

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Start as you mean to go on

Did January set the scene for the rest of the year?

Swiss banking sector fitter than ever

The global recession and international calls for regulatory changes have caused the Swiss banking sector some difficulties. But it is now emerging stronger than ever, ready to face the challenges of the future, says Gillian Evans

In at the deep end

With an increasing number of businesses offering long-term or even permanent positions abroad, John Erskin examines the psychological strains of living in an unfamiliar culture

Rags to riches

From a childhood in the outback to Monaco millionaire, by his thirties Richard Farleigh was earning a seven-figure sum on the trading floor

Dragon’s den

One of the country’s fastest growing sports, Hong Kong is now the best place to watch modern dragonboat racing, an ancient Chinese ceremony practiced in more than 60 countries around the globe

No resources, no problem

For a small string of barren volcanic islands that have no natural resources, suffer from chronic droughts and are perched far off Africa’s west coast, Cape Verde is punching well above its weight

Billionaire boys club

If you are planning to become a billionaire during your working career, is it more advantageous to start out in an already successful family business or to build your own from scratch, without any corporate baggage to hold you back? Should you get a university degree, or just get stuck in? Business Destinations profiles four billionaires who have carved their own unique path to financial success

The other office

While the café’s role as the other office has a long and distinguished history – especially in Europe – it’s entering a second golden age because of the internet, says Selwyn Parker

Investment assessment

New research has tested the link between business travel and profit, claiming every dollar invested in business travel can
create $12.50 in extra revenue and $3.80 in new profit

Swings and roundabouts

The traditional model of business travel has been radically altered by the recession, according to one commentator; but what has it changed into? Can the market renew its value or was it always just an expensive playground? Shirley Redpath reports