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Top 5 most sustainable hotels in the world

In a world where there’s an increased focus on the impact we have on our planet, more and more in the travel industry have taken it upon themselves to work towards green initiatives

The Brando Resort can be found on the private island of Tetiaroa, French Polynesia. It is one of the most sustainable holiday destinations in the world
The Brando Resort can be found on the private island of Tetiaroa, French Polynesia. It is one of the most sustainable holiday destinations in the world 

These days, many people looking to stay at a hotel will not only ensure that the accommodation is up to scratch, but also check that the company is well rated in terms of eco-friendliness. For some, leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible is paramount as they plan their holidays, and hotels are both remodelling themselves and being built from scratch in order to accommodate this.

Whitepod Eco-luxury Resort, Switzerland
The Whitepod resort in Switzerland boasts luxury accommodation that has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. The pods themselves are made from a self-supporting framework, which minimises the use of construction materials, and each pod is heated using a wood stove (run on locally sourced wood, of course). The LED bulbs that light the campus are used sparingly so that the electricity consumption is kept to a minimum. Water conservation is also an important aspect of how the resort stays eco-friendly, with local spring water, water-saving devices on taps, and showers and timers on boilers.

Jean-Michael Cousteau Resort, Fiji
Any hotel with its name attached to the famous conservationist Jean-Michael Cousteau is sure to hold conservationist values close. Indeed, the resort has several measures in place to both reduce its impact on the local environment and to educate its visitors of the importance of looking after nature.

The resort has low-energy light bulbs and all the wood comes from certified local forests. Furthermore, the hotel has an onsite farm, growing produce such as coconuts, pineapples and mangoes, and which uses only sustainable agricultural practices. As well as this, the hotel offers educational tours to its younger visitors that teach them about environmentalism.

Palace Resorts
Palace Resorts, which offers all-inclusive Caribbean vacation packages in a number of destinations, has recently started a green foundation in Mexico. A dedicated committee there will promote initiatives in order to develop the welfare of Mexico and its natural resources. The endeavour will ensure that 124 tons of paper and plastic are recycled each year, which will save more than 2,000 trees. Palace Resorts has also helped to safeguard native leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles in the areas of Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Urnatur Resort, Sweden
The Urnatur Resort is the ultimate eco-destination. Comprising of handcrafted huts nestled in the woods, it promotes living in harmony with nature. Everything that can be found on the campus is made from locally sourced material and traditional techniques. There is no electricity on the site, and the area is lit using lanterns, making the carbon emissions of this resort almost zero.

The Brando, French Polynesia
The Brando Resort is situated on the private island of Tetiaroa and is close to being a self-sustainable and carbon-neutral hotel. This resort is also LEED platinum certified and a member of the National Geographic unique lodges of the world. All the energy it uses is renewable, being produced either through solar power or by a biofuel power station powered by coconut oil. The seawater air conditioning system harnesses the cool water found deep in the sea and pipes it to the land for use. Any rainwater that collects on the roofs of the villas is collected to supply toilets and the laundry service. Guests are also encouraged to take one of the courses on offer that teach about subjects such as eco technology, Polynesian culture, animal life and coral reefs.

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