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The toast of Christmas present

More than 230 years since the first drop of Jameson was savoured, find out how the master distiller is still spreading festive cheer


Every year it’s the same. One minute you’re on your summer holidays and then, almost as quick as you can say “’Tis the season to be jolly”, Christmas is coming and you’re scouring the shops for that special present that sends compliments of the season to your nearest and dearest. Well, have no fear (to paraphrase the family motto), Jameson are here with some timely advice on gifts that are guaranteed to knock the stuffing out of bubble bath and socks.

The fact is, Jameson are no strangers to spreading a little festive cheer. In the 231 Christmases that have passed since John Jameson first distilled the Irish whiskey that bears his name, it’s likely there’s been a bottle or two under quite a few Christmas trees and in a fair few stockings. And why not? It is, after all, the gift that goes on giving with every sip savoured over the weeks and months ahead.

All of which would have delighted ‘Glorious’ John. Dedicated to the task of distilling his whiskey to perfection, he was also a very sociable fellow who liked nothing more than a get-together with family and friends and to share, no doubt, a glass of his own creation. So, what would Glorious John recommend you put on your Christmas shopping list as the perfect yuletide present?

Jameson Signature Reserve
A bottle of Jameson isn’t a bottle of Jameson without John’s family signature on the label. Since 1780 it has been a guarantee of authenticity and quality. And our aptly- named Signature Reserve celebrates that guarantee in some style. Triple distilled, it is matured in the finest Sherry casks as well as in American oak barrels for an unmistakable heather honey sweetness. Adding to its exclusivity, Jameson Signature Reserve is only available at travel retail outlets – just the thing to pick up on your way home for Christmas.

Jameson Gold Reserve
Gold by name and opulent by nature, Jameson Gold Reserve brings real meaning to the Jameson family motto ‘Sine Metu’. Without fear, our master distillers have blended whiskeys of advanced years that have been matured in three different types of casks – bourbon barrels, sherry butts and, for a maturation like no other, whiskey uniquely aged in virgin oak. The result is as complex as it is satisfying. And helping to make Gold Reserve the gift anyone would love to receive is stylish, new packaging (seems a shame to wrap it up).

Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve
When you’re as serious about whiskey as Jameson, ‘rarest’ is not a word you use lightly. So when you see a label that says Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve you can be sure it’s something exceptional. In fact it features a rare pot still whiskey aged to a sublime mellow sweetness in specially selected port pipes, along with hand-picked casks of our oldest whiskeys. Winner of Double Gold at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits competition and twice named ‘Irish Whiskey Of The Year’, this is the tipple you may very well be tempted to give yourself this Christmas.

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