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Food & Drink

The summer wine list

Food and wine are forever intertwined. business destinations’ Critic Jane Anson reviews the summer’s best foodie wines


Young winemakers with bags of bottle

Jane Anson reviews some remarkable wines made by some of Europe’s equally remarkable – yet little known – young winemakers

The crunch is no time for sour grapes

In good times, people like to drink wine. In bad times, they need to. Discover the Second Wines of Bordeaux, says Jane Anson, and enjoy a reasonably priced vintage

Winter wines

Pinot is a maddening grape to get right, but procured with skill and the ‘most romantic of wines’ is a winter charm, says Jane Anson

Alternative bubbly

With the festive season creeping up on us, soon you wont be able to move for glasses of bubbly. Jane Anson examines some of the alternatives to the ubiquitous champagne that are equally likely to bring good tiding to all that quaff them

Not just another MBA

Thinking of expanding your career options in 2008? These MBAs could take you way beyond middle management fodder

The wine list

With a new year creaking into motion, Jane Anson runs through the European wines that will be clamouring for space in your cellar and on your table

The best eateries from London to LA

Your guide to the finest in over-indulgent eateries

Never a bad year in Bordeaux

Fine wine, yes. But then there’s the food, markets and a regeneration project that has added taste to the city

Unusual summer whites

Rosés, sparkling wines and lighter reds from Beaujolais or the Loire are some of the real joys of summer drinking. But it’s also interesting to uncork a few of the more unusual white varieties that can be forgotten about in the rush for a chilled chardonnay or pinot grigio

Fostering a French bouquet

Jane Anson looks ahead to the coming year and discovers that, after playing something of a second fiddle of late to the new-world upstarts, French wine is very much back on the menu


Straight to the vine

Jane Anson visits the cities renowned for their vino, and finds some ideal venues for a business meeting, with a chance to sample the local produce thrown into the bargain