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Hawaii’s tourism sector yet to recover from Kīlauea eruption

In 2018, images of violent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii were beamed across the globe. Almost a year later, the state’s tourism sector is still struggling to recover

Tour de Girona: cycling finds a new destination of choice

Offering varied terrain and an ideal climate all year round, Girona is a cyclist’s dream. As further services emerge to cater to cycling tourists specifically, more people are riding through this Catalonian gem

Stop over in the stylish design capital of Finland

With Finnair offering stopovers in Helskini for flights between Europe and Asia, the 2012 design capital is an appealing destination for international travellers

Tribal tourism is exploiting indigenous people

In 2018, attempts to reach the isolated Sentinelese tribe reignited criticism of tribal tourism, a destructive practice that threatens the survival of indigenous communities

Experience Omani opulence at the Hormuz Grand Muscat

Oman’s popularity as a destination for business travellers and tourists is fast increasing. Leading the industry’s evolution is the Hormuz Grand Muscat, a Radisson Collection Hotel

Rwanda’s position in the tourism sector strengthens

Rwanda has undergone an astonishing transformation to become one of Africa’s top destinations for business events

Explore the coastline of Ireland’s coolest town

County Donegal in Ireland has long been overshadowed by larger regions like Dublin and Cork, but travellers are now discovering it as one of the country’s best-kept secrets

Place branding attracts tourists but leaves residents resentful

Low-cost travel has made the tourism market more competitive than ever. Increasingly, locations are using place branding to stand out from the crowd, but they should be wary of upsetting the locals

The Hawaii Convention Centre celebrates Hawaii’s aloha spirit

The Hawaii Convention Centre has 20 years of experience hosting business events. Over the decades, it has developed a number of programmes to cater to its guests and care for the environment simultaneously

The cost of the cup

Qatar’s contentious 2022 World Cup bid has sparked an international discussion about money and morality. As the country prepares to host the tournament, this debate continues to rage

Top 5 hot springs

From the black lava fields of Iceland to the mountains of the Japanese Gunma province, hot springs are a spectacular sight. Business Destinations picks out the five best

Lisbon is a lively destination for a stopover

TAP Air Portugal’s stopover programme is bringing more visitors to Lisbon. The city is ready to showcase its culture and cuisine