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Last chance destinations: here today, gone tomorrow

Many destinations are under threat from climate change, prompting tourists to make ‘last chance’ trips before the option is taken away. But the trend is only speeding up the rate at which such destinations are being lost

Venezuela’s tourism industry tanks as violence proliferates

The Venezuelan Government has earmarked tourism as a way of reinvigorating the country’s failing economy. However, attracting travellers will be a difficult task

Afghanistan gains Test status, but will its team find success?

Over the last few decades, Afghanistan has suffered hugely from war and terrorism. Now, the astonishing rise of the country’s cricket team offers unity and hope for the future

Tourism to the Himalayas causes a mountain of problems

Tourism to the Himalayas is on the rise. While this trend has the potential to bring economic stability to the region, the effects of increased visitor numbers aren’t all positive

Banksy’s Palestine hotel brings tourists to the troubled region

Tourism to Palestine is on the up, with anonymous artist Banksy and his Walled Off Hotel contributing to this surprising trend

Hospitality is second nature at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar

Dakar, Senegal’s capital city, has plenty to offer visitors, from areas of natural beauty to those of great historical significance

Top 6 destinations for photography enthusiasts

From Instagram devotees to photography hobbyists and all the wanderlust-filled travellers in between, more people are heading to locations known for their photographic potential

Business by San Francisco Bay

The South San Francisco Conference Centre celebrates 25 years of successful business events and looks ahead to more of the same in the years to come

Farm-to-fork eating takes over California’s food scene

Demand for locally produced, farm-to-fork food is soaring in the US, and California is at the heart of the trend. While the big hitters like LA continue to shine, lesser-known spots such as Sacramento are making a name for themselves

Getting a feel for Frankfurt

With convenient transport links and an abundance of business and leisure hotspots, Frankfurt is an ideal location for business travellers

The paradox of the Philippines’ ecotourism sector

The Philippines intends to capitalise on its natural beauty by investing in ecotourism, but the resulting economic boom could come with its own costs

Oulu is a Finnish brain belt

With a number of world-class tourist attractions and two universities supplying a raft of talented job candidates, the city of Oulu is the perfect destination for work or pleasure

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