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The Cuban thaw goes cold

The US’ reversal of the Cuban thaw was denounced as a step backwards for the pair’s frosty relationship. While it may have allowed the island nation to retain its character, it has also hugely restrained the Cuban economy

Che Guevara’s personal revolution

In his early 20s, Che Guevara was just another aspiring medical student, eager to see the world. A nine-month journey across South America helped foment the revolutionary ideas that would turn him into a global icon

Cuba gears itself up for tourism influx

Obama’s pledge to strengthen ties between Cuba and the US will bring about huge changes for Cuba’s tourism market

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Cuba libre!

Raúl Castro has been busy since inheriting power from his brother Fidel. Tentatively following in the footsteps of China and Vietnam, Castro hopes to make the controversial island competitive again. Rita Lobo investigates his progress

Cuba’s classicism

For decades Cuba has been an insular country, battling to hold back the tide of American capitalism. Now it’s dropping its barriers and welcoming tourists to its beaches and cities, and they’ve brought a free market economy along with their factor 15 and rubber dinghies, as Howard Byrom finds out



Havana was once described as a cemetery of cinemas; not to mention bookshops, theatres, markets and much more. At the forefront of Latin Culture, the cultural scene was once a rival for New York and Paris, yet the advent of Communism saw much slide into decline. Today it us undergoing something of a quiet revolution; […]



A Caribbean archipelago comprised of two main islands and several smaller siblings, the Republic of Cuba looms large in the imagination despite its diminutive size. Known for its cigars and smooth-sipping rum, not to mention international political figures such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, it is perhaps most paradoxically seen as a symbol of […]