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Lyon, France

A visit to Lyon is a treat for the taste buds, while its sightseeing and hospitality industry will satisfy any traveller

Annecy, France

Brimming with natural beauty and regional charm, the Alpine city of Annecy is fast becoming one of Europe’s hottest destinations

Handmade eclairs at Fauchon, Paris

Confit or not to be? France’s fight against fake food

French restaurateurs are up in arms about kitchens churning out sub-par meals. Legislators are keen to enforce transparency, but Rita Lobo finds some chefs are happy to hide their ingredients’ origin

Tourism de France

After countless rejected bids, hosting the Grand Depart of the world’s most prolific bike race is a great honour for Corsica – even more so in its centennial year


The Eiffel Tower may be the most iconic symbol of a country famed for its fine dining and sophisticated culture, but while Paris may be world-renowned there is far more to France than that. There are over twenty world heritage sites, the world’s best vineyards, an array of medieval forts and cathedrals, not to mention […]

A Malian zoomorphic sculpture (left) and a Congolese Wongo-Lee sculpture (right) from the Jacques Chirac ou le dialogue des cultures exhibition in Paris

The challenges of repatriation

French President Emmanuel Macron recently pledged to return the 4,000 or so African artefacts currently held in French museums to their countries of origin. But cultural repatriation is easier said than done

Val d’Aran, Spain

Tucked away in the north-west corner of Catalonia, Val d’Aran’s snow-capped mountains and lush valleys are attracting visitors from all over the world

With time taking its toll on Rome's Colosseum, in 2012 the Italian Government implemented a €25m restoration project. However, public funds were limited, meaning private institutions had to step in to provide financial assistance

The cost of restoring Italy’s historic landmarks

Rome’s ancient monuments are some of the city’s biggest draws, but maintaining them comes at a huge cost. Although private corporations have been more than willing to pick up the bill, their involvement has proven controversial

Eccelsa Aviation's passenger numbers and plane movements have doubled since the company was launched in 2003

Eccelsa Aviation is the entry point for luxury travel

Eccelsa Aviation’s terminal at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport gives discerning travellers a comfortable and seamless experience when flying