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Sheraton Santiago Hotel & Convention Centre

With more corporate guests arriving in Santiago each year, the capital city’s Sheraton is well placed to cater to business travellers

Clear skies are bringing stargazers to Chile’s deserts

A growing interest in the stars is causing a boom in Chile’s budding astrotourism sector. In light of this galactic trend, Business Destinations explores the wonders the night sky has to offer

Top 6 most unique hotels

Looking for a hotel that’s straight out of a fantasy? Business Destinations explores some of the world’s most unusual accommodation offerings

Santiago: South America’s home for business

With an improving infrastructure, fine food and a growing reputation for events, the Chilean capital is quickly becoming South America’s business hub

On the road to Santiago

Once famous as the country where General Pinochet overthrew Salvador Allende’s socialist government in a bloody US-sponsored coup in 1973, Chile is now a major investment prospect

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The setting is spectacular; snow-dusted behemoths line the eastern horizon as the mighty Andes run north to south as far as the eye can see. The city itself can appear both congested and sprawling, with five million residents packed between the twin barriers of mountain and ocean, yet despite it all communities remain clustered around […]


Chile’s warm embrace

For such a skinny country, Chile packs a considerable punch. Variously described as ribbon-shaped or like a runner bean, the country is arresting enough in an atlas, let alone in the flesh



Nestled between the Andes and the Pacific, with over 6,000km of coastline riddled with fjords, inlets and islands, Chile is blessed with an unusual geography that encompasses desert, forest, vast glacier and rolling grassland. It is also a South American success story – it has, among other things, the highest level of development, economic freedom […]