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The jewel of Kosovo

The landlocked state of Kosovo may be small, but it offers innumerable attractions and sights that make it an ideal destination for any business traveller

The jewel of Kosovo
Swiss Diamond Hotel is located in the heart of the city’s bustling financial and performing arts district 

Though it covers only a small geographic area, the European state of Kosovo offers many places to visit. It is a country without a sea, but with a lot of mountainous regions and other historical attractions. If you decide to visit Kosovo, its natural beauty will amaze you, and its monuments of cultural importance play a key role in educating visitors about the history of this country.

Kosovo’s capital city, Pristina, offers a variety of attractions, ranging from historical monuments revealing its history to cultural activities, delicious food, an amazing nightlife and, above all else, its habitants’ love for their own city.

Any visit should start with a walk from the newly renovated Mother Teresa Boulevard in the heart of the city, which was many years ago used as a social promenade for Pristina’s residents. The National Theatre is located on this boulevard, where you can take a break while enjoying a play or performance by local actors. On the boulevard you can see many of Kosovo’s famous historical statues, and you are sure to meet a lot of friendly people who are always ready to offer you directions or assistance getting around.

But you will never have to ask where Swiss Diamond Hotel is. Because of its outstanding location in the heart of the city’s bustling financial and performing arts district, just steps away from Government Hall and the main EU commission office, the five-star Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina is easy to find, and is sure to offer a welcoming environment where any guest can feel at home.

Internationally recognised
Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina has been internationally recognised with the Five Stars Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for its luxurious ambiance and professional services. The hotel offers the level of elegance and sophistication expected by today’s discerning business traveller: nothing has been left at random in this truly deluxe hotel.

Swiss Diamond Hotel is located in the heart of the city’s bustling financial and performing arts district, just steps away from Government Hall

The rich handmade furniture in the Empire style, marble designs, elegant paintings, Venetian crystal chandeliers and mirrors all authenticate the atmosphere of excellence and superiority, making Swiss Diamond Hotel certainly the most luxurious hotel in Kosovo.

The Hotel Gallery, which is decorated in Imperial style with fine Italian marble, Sicilian-style columns and crystal chandeliers, offers a refined and welcoming environment. While enjoying a signature cocktail and your favourite cigar, you can find the best gift for your loved ones among the selection of luxury items on display in the Hotel Gallery windows.

Indulgent amenities
The hotel’s elegant and comfortable guestrooms are complete with queen-size beds, down comforters, feather bed covers and duvets, feather hypoallergenic pillows, work desks with built-in dual phone lines, Italian marble baths with separate glass-embossed shower, and a variety of luxurious amenities.

All rooms are equipped with an LCD hi-definition TV with interactive system, intelligent climate control, high-speed internet, a safe and a minibar with a selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Being a tourist in any new destination requires tasting the location’s different and delicious foods. Kosovo is frequently acknowledged for its exquisite traditional food, and Swiss Diamond Hotel’s own restaurant is known for offering a wide variety of traditional and international dishes.

The Iliria Restaurant offers a magnificent range of Mediterranean dishes made of the freshest ingredients and served with care and style. During summer time, the hotel opens its spacious additional terrace, which faces the main Mother Teresa Boulevard, enabling guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of Pristina as they dine. The hotel’s master chefs have carefully designed the menu to fulfil the restaurant’s five-star promise.

Wellness on business
What will surely surpass your expectations, however, is the hotel’s Venus Wellness and Spa Centre. Located on the ground floor, the centre is entirely decorated in the style of the ancient Roman baths while offering the most modern facilities and a wide range of possibilities for relaxing and enjoying your free time.

The centre’s facilities include an indoor swimming pool, sauna, two whirlpool Jacuzzis, luxury Turkish baths, a fully equipped fitness centre, three solariums, an infra-red sauna, steam bath, ice cave, salt room, relaxation room, hairdressing salon, and Diamond Health Centre Pioche cosmetics. As a whole, the centre offers exclusivity and a wide variety of ways with which to improve your health and enhance the quality of your life.

This award-winning spa is focused on providing the perfect treatment. Guests at the spa are guaranteed to experience pure relaxation, healing and wellness using therapies both ancient and ultramodern. The Venus Wellness and Spa Centre’s therapists and aestheticians are above and beyond the best, with tremendous experience, education and integrity.

This exclusive luxury wellness concept focuses on providing a haven of relaxation wherein guests and members can feel tranquil and nurtured, while a team of experts provide complete care for guests’ minds and bodies.

The hotel’s elegant and comfortable guestrooms are complete with queen-size beds, down comforters, feather bed covers and a variety of luxurious amenities

Leaving your troubles behind
Also available in the hotel is the Swiss Medical and Health Centre. Here the Swiss Diamond team takes care of guests’ health and beauty through an extensive range of services. Visitors can experience the most advanced cosmetic technology, including a surgical laser, anti-cellulite treatments, toning, lifting, body sculpting, anti-aging and laser light for definitive epilation.

The centre’s professional team of doctors, nurses and therapists first conduct a thorough body check-up. Following this, they will produce a personalised nutrition and treatment programme that will help you feel and look healthier.

Whenever you feel tired or run down, you can indulge in an energetic massage and recharge your batteries. According to wellness experts, blockades in your body cause tension, which can prevent energy from flowing through your body. It won’t just be your body that will feel the positive effects of the massage, but your mind as well.

Again according to some wellness experts, this light-pressure spa massage treatment is recommended to those who are interested in slimming down: by using classic lymphatic spa massage techniques, lymph nodes are stimulated to drain excess fluid and reduce toxins. Water retention is one of the great difficulties of slimming, and this spa massage has the potential to offer beneficial solutions to alleviate the signs of bloating. All you need to do is surrender yourself to this gentle massage, composed of long, smooth strokes that will leave you floating on air.

Accompanied by the unforgettable scent of aromatherapy oils, your therapist will use hot stones to grant you 60 minutes of total relaxation. Your tired and sore muscles will melt away, relaxing your whole body and rejuvenating your mind and soul. After all those exceptional relaxing massages, you can renew with a purifying clay mask on the Hamam marble bed, where you can soak, steam and just take your time.

The five-star Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina, located in the heart of a small Balkan country, is an adventure on its own. It is waiting to be explored, so guests can witness for themselves the hospitality, quality and professional services on offer.


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