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PSAV’s innovative solutions change events industry

AV support can be a very powerful tool in engaging listeners, as leading technology firm PSAV can attest

PSAV offers AV solutions to clients in order to create truly engaging, memorable events 

From stage design to mobile apps, event technology firm PSAV offers innovative solutions for a diverse array of hospitality events – from the boardroom to the ballroom. With clients across the corporate, association and special event markets, its customer base is far-reaching. The company has come a long way since its founding over 75 years ago.

Memorable messages
PSAV’s aim is far more ambitious than simply providing technologies for hospitality events. The company seeks to create memorable experiences by leaving lasting audio-visual (AV) messages in the minds of attendees, drawing on the idea that engaging the senses can make people more receptive.

PSAV’s technologies, always at the forefront of innovation, cater to a variety of needs within the hospitality sector

“More aptly called ‘event technologies’, AV plays a very important part in what an audience experiences and how they learn and retain the meeting’s message”, says Mahesh Vadgama, the company’s Managing Director for Europe. “While attendees look forward to the entertainment value that AV brings to an event, neuroscience is actually proving that these event technologies are enhancing learning and improving the entire meeting experience.”

Those technologies, always at the forefront of innovation, cater to a variety of needs within the hospitality sector – from stage design to high-speed internet access and virtual events. PSAV’s services include power distribution, mobile solutions and 3D renderings, and the company prides itself on offering exclusive technologies – these include its Interactive Video Wall and the Content1 presentation management system (a database through which every aspect of an event can be organised). The company also offers leading rigging services. Health and safety is a top priority and, as such, the company holds Safe Contractor certification, guaranteeing that customers will receive the soundest practices.

Going paperless
PSAV has another goal: to help companies cut back on paper usage, thereby both saving them money and helping them to become more environmentally responsible. “Solutions have been developed to streamline content and presentation materials for speakers, provide real-time audience feedback to organisers, push content to attendees, and broadcast events across the country and the globe”, says Vadgama.

Its ‘paperless meetings’ package includes a custom-designed mobile app, audience response systems to encourage interaction between presenters and attendees, comprehensive content management systems and HD video conferencing, webcasting and web conferencing. “Each of these tools cuts down on the expense of printing brochures, speaker prospectuses, registration forms and surveys while simultaneously reducing each event’s carbon footprint”, says Vadgama. “Going paperless is the future, and environmentally conscious planners are finding that PSAV is keen on supporting their efforts to be green.”

PSAV brings those tools to a diverse array of locations and events across the globe, with trained professionals in 1,200 destination resorts and hotels across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. Within PSAV, the European division alone offers event production services in the UK, France, Germany and Monaco.

In each of these places the company makes the most of its local expertise, drawing on the unique position to which it lays claim – offering more resources, in more places, than any other audio-visual partner in the world. A global sales team, meanwhile, ensures that clients across the world can get assistance wherever and whenever it is needed.

Customer service is another area in which PSAV excels. The company was recently awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification in recognition of its customer-focused approach and solid quality management system; something that a strong and talented workforce helps to achieve. The company also holds ‘Investors in People’ accreditation, which lays testament to its serious commitment to the furthering of its dedicated team. Such talent is continually recognised and nurtured through extensive training and various development programmes.

This combination of pushing for development and utilising unique, innovative solutions has proven a powerful one, firmly establishing PSAV as the go-to for the most ambitious events within the international hotel, resort and conference centre industry.

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