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Qatar becomes leading MICE destination

Qatar is investing its wealth into ensuring that it is the world’s first choice for doing business

The West Bay central financial district of Doha, Qatar. The country has become a top destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions
The West Bay central financial district of Doha, Qatar. The country has become a top destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions 

With its firm position as the richest country in the world per capita, Qatar is already steaming ahead in its efforts to transform itself into a thriving and competitive economic-powerhouse. Acting as a bridge between East and West, Qatar is perfectly positioned to act as a key strategic base for businesses looking to expand in the region, or further afield.

A leading member of the Gulf Cooperative Council, Qatar’s economy has been transformed over the last few decades as a result of its rich deposits of oil and gas. The country is dramatically expanding its economy and reinvesting its wealth into a number of industries, so that it is well prepared for the future. A diverse economy that is not restricted to any individual sector is key for the long-term prospects of any country, and Qatar’s government is well aware of the necessity to ensure it has invested its wealth across a broad range of sectors.

[A] great deal of money has been spent on making qatar as welcoming as possible for business travellers

An area of particular importance is that of turning the country into a place in which it is easy for the global business community to do business. As such, a great deal of money has been spent on making Qatar as welcoming and convenient as possible for business travellers.

One of the key institutions that is helping to foster this economic growth within Qatar is the Qatar Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition (MICE) Development Institute (QMDI), which is dedicated to helping promote the country as a place in which it is advantageous to do business. The organisation is helping to develop projects that include new world-class hotels, a state of the art convention centre and an international exhibition centre.

World-class venues
The QMDI is ambitious, and wants to establish itself as a leading brand of excellence that is recognised the world over for the wide range of platforms, high quality solutions and communication opportunities that it offers to the global business tourism community. The organisation’s stated mission is to “build a sustainable and profitable business, providing a full and comprehensive suite of services to the business tourism sector in Qatar, the surrounding region and the globe, through state-of-the-art delivery of differentiated services for the benefit of our company, society and the overall economy of the State of Qatar”.

The institute’s previous clients have included a diverse a range of organisations and events, including the Moto GP race, the Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference, the G77 summit, and even a Lionel Richie concert. All manner of industries choose to host their events with the institute, from energy and construction to education, healthcare, legal, finance, science and technology.

The QMDI works alongside the Qatari government in an advisory capacity to ensure that the industry continues to grow, and that the country is persistently seen as the ideal place to host events. With the FIFA World Cup due to take place in the country in 2022, now is the perfect time for such an institute to help arrange leading meetings within Qatar, and to make sure that the country is well placed to welcome businesses and tourists from across the world.

Chairman and CEO of QMDI, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Naser, says the organisation is designed to help people and businesses fulfil their potential: “We invest in people; our primary assets, to create a model of sustainability, and differentiated services, in all aspects of our business and together, we translate our strategic objectives into intrinsic positive results.”

It is this attitude that is helping to ensure Qatar is at the forefront of the business tourism sector, and that it will remain there.

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