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Austria Center Vienna: providing space for big ideas

The Austria Center Vienna opens up unique formats for conferences and creates ideal spaces for exchanging ideas, writes Nicole Krebs

Austria Center Vienna: providing space for big ideas
The Austria Center Vienna is perfectly situated just seven minutes from the city centre 

Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world and offers an excellent quality of life. Thanks to the 628 direct flights into the city, it is close to the whole of Europe and easier to access than you might think.

The Austria Center Vienna is located just seven minutes from the city centre by underground line and less than 10 minutes’ walk from a number of recreation areas.

All conferences require a destination and a venue that are truly extraordinary. This unbeatable combination at Austria Center Vienna delivers twice the benefits: the conference plays out in one of the world’s most liveable cities, while the wide range of halls, rooms and exhibition spaces at the Austria Center Vienna is unrivalled in Europe. The versatility of the rooms means event concepts can be tailored to both conventional and innovative meeting formats.

Unbeatable flexibility
The Austria Center Vienna delivers a maximum of flexibility. Its wide selection of rooms and break-out spaces mean the centre is able to offer large plenary lectures for 4,320 people, galas for 2,000 guests in one room, or custom interaction spaces for one-on-ones in the centre’s new meeting area.

The centre’s dedicated team works closely with event organisers to
meet the needs of all participants

The spacious lobby in the heart of the venue offers enough spaces for exhibitions, catering stations and high-profile advertising. Smaller-scale lectures and talks, workshops and product presentations can be hosted in the new meeting area adjacent to the main entrance. Furthermore, there are four directly linked multipurpose halls for larger exhibitions.

Excellent digital infrastructure
In recent years, the Austria Center Vienna has invested heavily in seamless high-availability WLAN infrastructure to facilitate optimal networking among participants and support paperless congresses, live HD streaming and hybrid meeting formats.

Thanks to a high concentration of HD access points (93 in total) and excellent bandwidth, the WLAN network can serve 35,000 simultaneous connections, allowing up to 20,000 people to access the internet on any device and work as if they were in their own office.

High-speed internet at a rate of 100 Mbit/s is available to all organisers free of charge. The Austria Center Vienna’s innovative WLAN recently won the INCON 2016 Digital Infrastructure Award. The Austria Center Vienna is very pleased that the efforts of the past few years are now clearly bearing fruit.

Everyone is concentrated on offering customers exceptional quality across the board, with a wide selection of excellently equipped event spaces, a dedicated team and perfect IT infrastructure. Most of all, it is important to meet the needs of all customers and deliver outstanding services.


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