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Luxury afforded at Basic Hotels

Basic Hotels is the winner of the 2014 Business Destinations Travel Award for Best Budget Accommodation Provider, Norway

Bergen harbour at dusk. Basic Hotels, which is based in the heart of the city, offers stunning accommodation at affordable prices
Bergen harbour at dusk. Basic Hotels, which is based in the heart of the city, offers stunning accommodation at affordable prices 

Understanding that luxuries are of little importance for those planning an adventure of a lifetime, Basic Hotels is just one of a growing number of budget hotel operators targeting travellers in need of decent accommodation at an affordable price. In recent years, challenging economic circumstances have asked that holidaymakers reconsider how they’re spending their money, and as a result – similarly to what has been seen in the aviation sector – budget hotels have emerged as the new frontier for the travel and tourism industry.

In the years since the financial crash, hotels priced at competitive rates have really gathered momentum, and recent findings show that the upward trend looks set to continue into the foreseeable future. While numbers in mid-range accommodation have been hit by changing spending patterns, budget offerings have thrived to the point that the sector has become a key driver in the hotel industry as a whole.

Arguably the most significant development in the market for budget hotels is the growing number of business travellers

Benefiting businesses
Arguably the most significant development in the market for budget hotels is the growing number of business travellers, who are today seeking adequate facilities and conveniently located accommodation ahead of exuberant décor and additional extras.

Particularly post-financial crisis, businesses have become increasingly conscious of the ramifications of lavish spending on corporate-sponsored trips, and, in a bid to boost their bottom lines, have looked to more competitive stopovers as a solution. With competition on the up and travel spend being monitored more closely by corporate clients, the changing dynamic of the travel and tourism sector has lent itself well to those businesses with functional services to offer, especially at a more affordable price.

Historically, it has been small- and medium-sized companies that have taken pains to get bang for their buck, while large and state-owned enterprises have been quick to splash out on added extras. However, the changing complexion of the business climate has asked that organisations – no matter their size – squeeze every last penny out of their operations, particularly when it comes to minimising the costs of company-sponsored travel.

Low prices, high quality
As awareness of this trend has grown, so too has the number of budget hotels looking to capitalise on what is fast emerging as an increasingly cost-conscious consumer. And nowhere else is this more so the case than with Basic Hotels, which has, in the space of only a few short years, become a major player in the affordable hotel sector. Despite the company’s low prices, it offers high-quality hotel rooms that are comfortably furnished. Customers pay for just what they need and no more – a room that simply allows you to sleep well and work efficiently.

Basic Hotels offers its guests everything that they need for a good night’s sleep, and all at a low cost. By maintaining that, when setting out to have the adventure of a lifetime, all a traveller really needs is a clean room and a comfortable bed, the company has identified a series of changes to the consumer and the industry at large. As such, the Bergen-based hotel operator has cemented its status as a major player in the budget hotel sector.

Situated in the heart of Bergen, the company’s hotels have each been lovingly designed to appease any budget traveller, with practicality and affordability the two most important considerations throughout. With three hotels to choose from, Basic Hotels offers its guests a modern room, a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed, a hot shower, free Wi-fi, an electronic kettle, a refrigerator and a television. Put another way, those choosing to stay with Basic Hotels have everything they need at their disposal.

Basic Hotels provides high quality, stylish accommodation at  a low price
Basic Hotels provides high quality, stylish accommodation at
a low price

The company’s hotels come without the unnecessary extras that are characteristic of more high-end establishments. And by focusing only on the fundamentals, Basic Hotels has been able to offer decent accommodation at an affordable price. With an occupancy rate of over 95 percent in only its first full summer season in 2011, it’s clear that the company was amongst the first to identify a key demographic change in the travel and tourism sector.
By focusing on the customer and straying from unnecessarily extravagant features, the emphasis remains very much on the guests. One picture posted on the corridor wall offers a friendly reminder: “Keys, wallet, phone, smile,” whereas another on the bedroom wall reads: “Sweet dreams, sleep tight, we wish you a good night.”

Desirable locations
As if the hotels and their facilities were not enough, the fact that they’re each situated in Bergen makes Basic Hotels hard to resist. The Norwegian city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was chosen as a European City of Culture in 2000, owing to its many attractions and enduring appeal among domestic and international travellers alike. Bergen is a city full of tradition, adventure and charm, and as such it is rapidly becoming more and more popular to travellers and businesses the world over.

Home to a wealth of important historical and cultural sites, Bergen is best known for its rich maritime history and musical heritage – being the birthplace of the much loved composer Edvard Grieg. The city’s vibrant cultural scene also means that visitors will be hard pressed to find a spare moment, which makes Basic Hotels’ accommodation all the more fitting. “A city full of hustle and bustle – all year round. Daily you will be able to choose between cabaret and theater, dance, shows and international concerts with world stars in a variety of scenes,” says Kenneth Klementsen, Hotel Manager at Basic Hotel Bergen.

Recognised the world over as ‘the gateway to the Fjords of Norway’, Bergen has maintained its small town charm, even as visitor numbers have risen year-on-year and it has steadily come to be recognised as one of Europe’s must-see destinations. Take a look at the harbour and you’ll see Bryggen, an old Hanseatic wharf and a key part of the region’s cultural and economic heritage. Head further inland, however, and it’s hard not to be won over by the city’s picturesque collection of small, wooden houses: characteristic of the various architectural changes the city has undergone over the centuries.

“Not content with our existing range of hotels, Basic Hotels now plans to expand its business both within the city and beyond. With a strong foothold in the Norwegian market already, Basic Hotels is well positioned to capitalise on a budding budget hotel business and boost its renown as a pioneering player in the sector,” says General Manager Mona Sandvik. With its no-frills experience and keen understanding of changing consumer spending habits, the company stands as a benchmark of what can be achieved in the affordable hotels business.

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