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Luxuria: the importance of providing bespoke luxury travel services

The internet has resulted in increased demand for travel services, but desired luxury and sophistication cannot simply be booked online

Luxuria: the importance of providing bespoke luxury travel services
Luxuria understand that exceptional customer service cannot be rivalled  

While an appetite for VIP services has been around for some time now, demand has been growing over the last few years. This is largely due to lavish celebrity lifestyles now being the desire of the masses, a phenomenon that has been propagated by a multitude of multi-media platforms.

Another reason behind this trend is the volume of information that can be found on the internet, resulting in clients meticulously researching every aspect of a trip before they embark on it. Consequently, giving in to indulgence and sophistication has become the norm, particularly when travelling. In light of the mounting demand for luxury concierge services, Business Destinations spoke with Mazen Hamad, Managing Director of Luxuria about this intriguing industry, and how Luxuria has become so prominent within it.

Prospering trend
The demand for private membership clubs and luxury concierge services has continued to grow with each passing year of the past decade; indeed, never has it been so aggressive. Interestingly, the desire to have a team of experts catering to one’s every whim 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is not only limited to affluent individuals – such services also attract business travellers and corporate clients from across the globe. Hamad said: “I believe that memberships are so appealing in all businesses nowadays because of two reasons. First, there are the benefits that they boast, and second, it’s the products and services themselves, and the way in which they are offered to members.”

Giving in to indulgence and sophistication has become the norm, particularly when travelling

As explained by Hamad, this trend has been helped along even further by a tourism industry that is now better equipped to accommodate VIP travellers: “We can’t forget the suppliers in travel business, such as hotels and airlines, that are elevating their services and product standards. This in turn is leading to fierce competition, hence clients are demanding greater sophistication for all aspects of their trip.”

So great is the demand that many businesses are now are creating their own membership clubs. Yet, as Hamad told Business Destinations: “The success of such a membership is based on the quality of its structure, especially when it comes to targeting the high-end segment.”

Confidential amenity
Luxuria is a premier bespoke concierge service, which is dedicated to fulfilling every client’s needs and requests. “At Luxuria, our aim is simple: to provide a truly unique luxury experience”, said Hamad. “Luxuria is the essential lifestyle partner for all who require a deeper sense of comfort and exclusivity in their daily life; our clientele is made up of the world’s top business and social elites”.

With a commitment to providing deluxe lifestyle management, which online-based concierge services simply cannot match, Luxuria offers exceptional levels of personalised care, always striving for the ultimate in comfort for its clients.

According to Hamad: “Our goal is to enrich elegant lifestyles, every day. This requires that we seamlessly tailor your entire Luxuria experience to serve your travel patterns and your personal needs.”

This starts with a membership process that is completely confidential, from beginning to end, thereby enabling clients to enjoy complete ease of mind. Ensuring this level of luxury and confidentiality involves working relationships that are carefully selected and reviewed. “We collaborate with only the most highly reputable partners, which are each chosen thoughtfully with the goal of further enhancing your daily experience with absolute confidentiality.”

Through this end-to-end vision, Luxuria continues to define the very best in luxury concierge services. Hamad concluded: “At Luxuria, we believe in the art of fine living. We believe in privacy and sensitivity when handling every request. We believe that luxury travel should be personalised and intuitive. We believe in nothing but the very best.”


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