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Why the happiest expats can be found in Spain

Laura Richards, Country Manager at the Spain Buying Guide, rounds up some of the reasons why Spain is one of the top destinations for British expats

Tarragona, Spain. HSBC's recent survey of expatriates found that British expats are happiest in Spain 

At the Spain Buying Guide, we have been helping people to set up their new lives in Spain for over a decade. We have seen first-hand the results of successfully settling into a new Mediterranean life – and so it was no surprise for us when the HSBC Expat Explorer 2015 survey revealed that Spain is the country where British expats are happiest.

Here we round up just a few of the reasons why life in Spain is an ideal location for Brits looking to find a better life abroad.

Life outdoors

It is hardly surprising that one of the areas in which Spain came out on top was for its active outdoor lifestyle. There are parts of Spain that experience close to 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, and there are countless sports and other activities you can take part in during this time. Furthermore, even those who are not into exertion can boost their vitamin D levels by sitting outside in the garden of their local bar.

The sports that are particularly popular in Spain – cycling, tennis, walking, kayaking, water skiing and surfing, to name a few – can all contribute to helping expats feel fitter, healthier and happier. What’s more, when you take part in these activities you are likely to meet people with the same interests as you, helping you to make new friends and feel more integrated in your community. This will also help you to feel more settled in your new life in Spain.

Months of sunshine

Of course, the sunshine itself is a good reason to be happy. While at the Spain Buying Guide we are keen to remind our customers that they will of course experience some cloudy days in Spain, those days really are few and far between. Having the brilliant Mediterranean sunshine hit you as soon as you open your shutters in the morning will boost your mood exponentially, while hopefully encouraging you to get out there and enjoy the weather.

Furthermore, in most parts of Spain you will also find that the sunshine doesn’t dim during the winter months (although, naturally, the heat usually does), meaning that you won’t experience that dip in climate and in mood that you may have become accustomed to from living in the UK.

The Mediterranean lifestyle

Good health is intrinsically connected to feeling happy and satisfied, and so indulging in the Mediterranean diet alongside your outdoors activities in the sun will certainly give you a boost. Spaniards usually eat fresh, high quality produce, making use of olive oil and plenty of fish and vegetables.

You may also find that it suits you to eat your main meal at lunchtime, instead of a heavy supper later in the evening – especially as you will soon find yourself adjusting to the unique Spanish meal times, where friends will often gather to have a dish or two of tapas at around 10pm.

For more information about life as an expat in Spain, visit www.spainbuyingguide.com


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