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Business travellers are exploring their adventurous side in the Faroe Islands

Geographically isolated but brimming with opportunity, the Faroe Islands have much to offer to adventurous business travellers

The Faroe Islands provide the perfect balance of stunning natural beauty and modern infrastructure that event planners search for 

Recently, J Walter Thompson Intelligence’s report of upcoming trends, The Future 100, named the Faroe Islands as one of the top travel trends to look out for in 2016. The Future 100 said of the destination: “Travellers are seeking evermore offbeat destinations, but preferably with luxury amenities, and places such as the Faroe Islands balance these desires perfectly.” The only other destinations to be included in the research were Cuba and Chicago, making the Faroe Islands the only destination east of the Atlantic Ocean to be recognised as an on-trend travel location.

Other publications, such as The New York Times, National Geographic, CNN, The Guardian and El País, have been equally complimentary in their respective views of the islands, encouraging readers to experience what the destination has to offer. The striking nature of the Faroe Islands is a key feature, with its steep green hillsides, tranquil lakes, deep grottos and dark blue ocean. Faroe Islanders live closely alongside the country’s nature and, in more ways than one, it defines who they are: nature in the Faroe Islands is a unique playground for meetings and incentivises delegates, providing an abundance of possibilities for activities that could help to create new and strategic business goals.

The striking nature of the Faroe Islands is a key feature, with its steep green hillsides, tranquil lakes, deep grottos and dark blue ocean

Local culture
Although geographically isolated, the Faroe Islands are easily accessible by air from Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Edinburgh and Barcelona. Modern infrastructure ensures comfortable transfers and access to all parts of the country, while high-spec technology and meeting facilities define the islands’ up to five-star conference venues and up to four-star hotels.

Visitors may experience the finest seafood in the world when visiting one of the many cosy restaurants on the scattering of islands, offering local produce served in traditional surroundings. The Faroese restaurant KOKS was named the Best Nordic Restaurant 2015 by the Nordic Prize Gala Award, making it a must-try for any visiting group of delegates.

Embracing ecology
To de-stress with the islands’ locals can be a very rewarding experience, allowing visitors to loosen up and devote some time to the extraordinary feeling of being. Ride from Tórshavn to the charming village of Velbastaður, where you can dine at the home of local couple, Anna and Óli. The food, beer and entertainment at this destination are all locally produced, ensuring the lowest possible carbon footprint for the meal. Furthermore, during your visit your hosts will kindly ask you to leave your mobile phone in the hallway and ignore the passing of time on your watch – a true treat in this modern age.

The islands’ national electricity company did in fact win the Nature and Environment Prize from the Nordic Council in 2015; an impressive achievement that gives further reason for international travellers to choose the Faroe Islands for a technical visit.

Become a Viking
Amid the unbelievable scenery on the islet of Tindhólmur, you will be welcomed by an authentic Viking chief. Although his moods are changeable, should he take a liking to you, you will receive your new Viking name and traditional Viking clothes. Tindhólmur’s breathtaking views and castle-like peaks will enchant you, while the ethereal beauty of the islet will most certainly have a huge impact on your stay.

With a fast boat frequently travelling out to the island of Hestur, you will surely experience the incentive of your life: swimming through the small caves off the island is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, while learning how to use the powers of nature to climb up the incredible cliffs to the column of Álvustakkur will be an unforgettable moment.

Enjoy a picnic lunch on the cliff, or jump into the sea from various heights. The amazing grotto will be the pinnacle of your excursion, wherein a boat will take you to a truly unique grotto concert.

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