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Estonia offers online residency to business owners

In 2001, the tiny post-Soviet republic of Estonia made internet access a human right. Estonia’s next project is to use the internet to democratise access to entrepreneurship through its e-residency programme

Estonia is one of the most developed countries in the world when it comes to technology. Barack Obama even went so far as to say that he should have hired Estonian coders to build the ObamaCare website


Estonia has been a hub for innovation and digital technology for the past 20 years. Now, after a complete overhaul of how residents access its services, the country is hoping the rest of the world will follow its example


Estonia is a small, sparsely populated country of wild forests and teeming wetlands. The convenient national parks are perfect for wild exploration during the summer months, while cross-country skiing is a popular sport during the winter. The capital Tallinn captivates with its blend of medieval and modern; cobbled back-streets and dizzy spires besides trendy bars, […]

Luxury Art Nouveau Hotel Villa Ammende

Located in beautiful Pärnu, Estonia, Luxury Art Nouveau Hotel Villa Ammende offers a unique glimpse into the country’s past with its stunning Art Nouveau décor

Skiers head to Spain

Once recognised only as a summertime destination, Spain is now unexpectedly making a name for itself as a hub for winter tourism, thanks to a relatively unknown ski resort in the Pyrenees


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and one of Europe’s most diverse cities, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular conference locations on the continent

Riga: Europe’s new cultural capital

If there are any signs Latvia faced a crisis only half a decade ago, they cannot be found on the cobbled streets of Riga. The city has now joined the euro and been selected as European Capital of Culture 2014

St John's Church in Vilnius, Lithuania

Radisson Blu: the best in the Baltics

With three contrasting capitals playing host to a range of historical, cultural and contemporary spectacles, a stay in the Baltics with Radisson Blu offers more than one might expect

Global commodities traders reap rewards

A small group of companies, and the individuals who run them, are increasingly able to control everything from the food we eat to the energy we consume. Martin Morris examines the figures behind the world of commodities trading

Culture club

Spending a year as a ‘European Capital of Culture’ gives a city a wonderful opportunity to reinvent itself. This year, Turku in Finland has been awarded the accolade. Fleur Kinson looks at a triumphant EU scheme and some of the cities it has most recently tried to boost