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Abandon trip!

If you’ve ever found yourself in some God-forsaken corner of the globe, then take Stuart White’s top tips on how to kill time before time kills you…

Strangers in the night

Whether it’s the nocturnal proclivities of the couple next door or the mysterious shrieks of your neighbour – there’s a wealth of bumps in the night to haunt the humble business traveller, says Stuart White

A big turn off

The seasoned business traveller can cope with anything from delayed flights to dodgy hotel food – just don’t try and switch anything off – says Stuart White

An ode to Pan Am

One doesn’t like to speak ill of the dead, but there’s always room for an exception in Pan-Am’s case, says Stuart White

Stuart White gets the economy class blues

Stuart White takes his annual pilgrimage with the common people – and finds a veritable feast of griping at his table


Costume dramas

Dress codes around the world have gone awry. Stuart White laments at the demise of the dinner suit


Sending the wrong signal

There are some things about hotels that never fail to push all the wrong buttons, says Stuart White

Insult to injury

Stuart White faces fractures in Frankfurt, appendicitis in Albania and hives in Hong Kong

A false economy

Beg, steal or borrow for an upgrade? You’re better off slumming it, says Stuart White

An easy lunch

Jetlag, nausea and prolonged snoring, there’s hidden peril in the foreign business lunch, says Stuart White

A stiff upper lip

How do you solve a problem like Eyjafjallajökull? Cork it with the bodies of the bitching Brits, says Stuart White

Remember your loved ones

Tired, lonely and on the job; Stuart White navigates the dangerous minefield of meeting women on the road