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New York

New York’s High Line Park sets the bar for urban regeneration

A once-disused rail line in Manhattan has become one of the city’s favourite parks. It shows how innovative regeneration can redefine urban landscapes


New hotel projects do little to dampen New York occupancy rate

Early year results show that newly built hotels in New York have not reduced the state’s high occupancy rate, with demand for rooms high among business and leisure travellers alike


High above NYC

In New York’s trendy downtown district of SoHo, a 46-storey Trump hotel provides all-encompassing opulence for business travellers used to the very best


An ode to ambition

Frenetic, beautiful New York still thrills the senses and moves the heart. Who wouldn’t love a city that’s such a work of art? Fleur Kinson gets nostalgic for the city that truly is a canvas of dreams

The world’s most famous hotels

London, Paris and New York, that golden triangle of culture and sophistication, where a trio of some of the world’s most historic, luxurious and iconic hotels reside. Will Owen takes a journey through time to explore the star-studded history of the Savoy, Ritz and Chelsea hotels.

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